Why use Virtual Reality in the Classroom?

“32% of educators are using technology to bring experts or experiences into the classroom virtually.”
The State of Technology in Education: 2016


Virtual reality is enabling teachers to take students on fascinating journeys from the comfort of the classroom. VR can help to meet the needs of all pupils, no matter what their learning style is. The world is your oyster with VR!

Make learning exciting

Some of our best memories of school are trips and those experiences and lessons have stayed with us for life. Studies show that students learn through interaction. School trips are a way to give pupils more hands-on experiences, and with VR, teachers can provide this type of learning every day from the comfort of the classroom.

Why use VR in the classroom?

From walking with dinosaurs to blasting into space, it’s both educational and fun to teach with Virtual Reality. It also has the ability to capture the imagination of the digital generation.


VR excites students; and being excited about the technology lead to more engagement with the topics. Furthermore, VR enables students to access almost limitless environments and lesson topics.


By allowing students to experience learning from a first-person perspective. According to scientific research, VR improves memorisation and VR can help with the overall comprehension of subjects through this hand-on experience.


Evidence shows that people remember more when they do something, rather than remembering information from a textbook. VR gives students the opportunity to visit virtual locations and create real memories. In turn, this helps students retain information longer because they can relate it to a real-life experience.

VR can be an invaluable tool to get students more engaged with school and the world around them. It can help students retain information, provide life experiences and help teachers to explain their lessons more clearly. VR will never replace traditional teaching but it certainly compliments it to create a varied and enthusiastic environment for students.

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