Is Using Technology in the Classroom a Good Idea?

Technology is becoming an increasingly important part of today’s world. With technology shaping the way we all work and live, it is important that children gain the skills needed for the world that they will be entering.

Andrew Manches says technology can open up new ways of learning and bolster core skills.

Using interactive technology in the classroom can provide experiences that pupils would not normally get the chance to have. For example, the use of virtual reality kits means that pupils can visit the Colosseum in the morning and visit the Grand Canyon in the afternoon. The use of this technology can boost concentration and help pupils retain information.

Technology is not just important for experiences, children can use it to learn vital technical skills too.

Lee Parkinson, a primary school teacher, says pupils “are learning important tech skills such as keyboarding, coding, and how to use the internet to gather information”.

“When technology is used to its potential and with purpose in the classroom, it can provide children with a range of skills that I feel would benefit them in the world they are growing up into,” he says, citing the ability to create rich content such as images, video and interactive presentations, share information globally and communicate with other people.

Technology can also help teachers by making planning lessons quicker and easier. Moreover, our AlphaInteractive touchscreens come with Wordwall software, which allows teachers to share resources and ideas with others. By utilising these resources, teachers can save time and learn what works and what doesn’t from other teachers. This ability to communicate with other professionals is a vital tool in the modern classroom.

Technology can be used by a range of people to realise their goals. This flexibility and versatility is integral to its success in the classroom. It can make learning more interesting for everyone.

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