Alpha Sponsors the Lancashire Telegraph Schools Awards

Alpha Digital are sponsoring the ‘Primary Head Teacher of the Year’ award at the Lancashire Telegraph Schools Awards for the second year in a row. Last year’s entries were truly inspiring so we wanted to show our support again.


Primary Head Teacher Award

In these days of fast-paced technological change, it is imperative that we plan for the future of young  people. We have a moral duty to give them the best possible start in life and we need to provide them with the opportunities to develop their skills for the benefit not only of themselves, but also for society in general. These young people are our future workforce and we need to invest in them now.


Why should they be recognised?

Early Years and Primary Education is key to shaping the progress of our children and research shows that equipping our young people with the correct tools for them to develop as well balanced individuals and embedding society’s most precious values, will mean that they enter the world of work inspired to reach their goals and achieve a level of success which will benefit everyone in society.
Schools work very hard to facilitate the optimum progress of each child in their care. Governors and teachers share a common vision that all children have enormous potential and they strive to help them to maximise their talents. Teachers are now better trained than ever to provide the education that is necessary to service our future employees. They are using a range of technology to enhance the learning of our young people. They are also giving them both the knowledge and skills to become successful. These children will hopefully become a highly skilled, well motivated and prosperous generation. In conclusion, it is our responsibility to inspire them and give them the opportunities that they deserve.


It is for that reason that ‘Alpha Digital Networks PLC’ is proud to sponsor the ‘Primary Head Teacher of the Year Award’. We see that a technology rich curriculum is the driving force behind the Government’s current Education Policy. Together, we can influence and shape the lives of young people.


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