The Benefits of Digital Menus for Restaurants

Can interactive digital menus boost sales of food and drink?

Technology is whipping (excuse the pun) up a storm in the restaurant industry. In fact, 79% of diners agree that technology improves their guest experience. Even global fast food chains are now using interactive technology as a fast way to order your food.

Restaurant menus

So, what are the benefits of going digital? Don’t get us wrong, we are not criticising your paper menus but going digital does have its advantages.

Constantly Updating

Digital menus can be updated anytime in a matter of minutes. If you have lots of different selections throughout the day, you can schedule these for the relevant service. Also, if you have new meals or drinks, you can quickly add these to the menu.


Traditional paper posters and menus need to be put up and taken down. With digital, you have complete control over the content saving you precious time.

Save the Planet

Going digital cuts out all the paper waste from traditional posters and menus. You can also see the savings when you cut out the printing, delivery and disposal costs.


Digital menus can be used to show promotions for offers and products whilst customers wait. Therefore, using this time to entertain them may entice them to come back again.

Go Digital

In our opinion, going digital far outweighs the traditional paper. It is quicker, more time effective and customers love it.

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