How to Avoid Disruption When Replacing Classroom Technology

We often find that School Business Managers and Headteachers worry about the disruption that could be caused when replacing the technology in the classroom. However, there is nothing more frustrating for Teachers than having faulty or outdated technology in the classroom. In fact, having faulty technology can sometimes hinder pupil learning.

So, we have thought of the ways to avoid disruption whilst keeping your classroom technology up to date.

Choose the Right Installation Date for You

If it is possible, request a certain date to have your new technology installed. You can often choose dates during the school holidays to avoid having to move pupils out of a classroom. By having your equipment installed during school holidays, this can avoid unnecessary disruption to pupils and their learning.

Another thing to consider when you are booking an installation date, is ensuring you have the correct staff members on site to sign off the work. It is usually a good idea to have a senior member of staff on site to make sure you are satisfied with the work carried out and to help to Engineers if any issues arise.

Ensure all Installation Details are Correct

One way to avoid disruption with installations is to ensure that the installation team have everything they need in place to complete the installation. For example, if you are having interactive touchscreens installed on the wall but you need it to connect to a laptop and the teacher wants to sit at the back of the classroom, you will need a connection plate on the wall near the laptop. Also, if you want it on a wall where there is no power, it is worth getting an electrician in to put a power socket in.

It is very frustrating for school staff when an installation cannot be completed and this can sometimes cause issues in classrooms where the technology is needed for lessons. Just having the simple information ready for your IT or AV provider can save a lot of time and disruption.

Book Training Sessions for Staff

Classroom technology can be one of the biggest purchases a school makes and, therefore, it is no good if the staff cannot make the most out of the investment. Ensuring staff are trained on how to use the technology, whether it’s an interactive touchscreen or a new laptop, so that they can use the equipment effectively is a very important part of avoiding disruption.

Training staff to use the technology can help avoid delays in teaching and can also help to improve learning outcomes for pupils as Teachers can use the equipment to encourage engagement.

It is also worth training the IT department so that they can help with any small technical issues anyone has to avoid long disruption you the class.

These are just a few ways to avoid disruption when replacing classroom technology.

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