How Can Digital Signage Help Flatten the Coronavirus Curve?

The reality of the Coronavirus outbreak is starting to settle in, with many staff across the UK setting up to work from home.

It’s difficult for many to comprehend how what seemed to be a simple virus can bring the world to a standstill.

As the World Health Organisation are working tirelessly to create a vaccine to tackle the virus, health experts have been advising the best precautions the general public can take to help flatten the curve of the pandemic. This advice has been repeated over and over again; social distancing and practice good personal hygiene. However, when people touch so many potentially contaminated surfaces each hour, how can we reiterate the importance of the personal hygiene and social distancing advice?

Education and Awareness

Repetition is key when it comes to the success of this advice. It might seem like common sense to wash your hands more often, but reminders can help to further drive the point. Businesses, the NHS and councils have started to put up static posters in strategic places to remind the public about the importance of personal hygiene. However, the advice and information given has been constantly changing, which makes it very hard to keep up with updating the paper posters.

How Digital Signage Can Help

Today, millions of digital signage screens are used in reception areas, offices and shops across the world and many are powered by cloud-based content management systems. Content management systems allow content publishers to instantly update content (as information changes) from one central location. This real-time platform can work similarly to television or radio with ‘live’ updates on the advice given to the public or your customers.

With larger installations across multiple sites, the cloud-based software can allow your business the flexibility to target messaging to any location or geographical region.

Digital signage can help your business run as smoothly as possible in the uncertainty over the virus. By having a digital display in your shop window, you can advise your customers to use hand sanitizer before they enter your retail store, or direct them to your website where they can purchase your products for delivery without even having to enter.

Digital signage in offices can also help to reiterate the advice of personal hygiene and could be instantly updated to keep up to date with news.

Digital signage is such a powerful tool in the current situation, and it is often less costly than you would think. Alpha Digital manufactures and installs our digital signage solutions to create affordable hardware and software for our customers. Our team of in-house digital signage experts can also train you on the content software, so you have full control of your signage content.

To discuss our solutions and prices, please call us on 03300 020120 and our team will be happy to help.

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