Help with Distance Learning for Parents

In these unprecedented times of school closures, there has never been a greater need for education technology. With parents being asked to become home teachers during lockdown, we understand it has been difficult for parents to know where to start.

There are so many resources, online and offline, which can help with teaching your child at home, but we thought we would put together a list of helpful tips and tricks to get you started with teaching and learning.

Keep to a Routine

If you have a younger student, it might be best to teach only in the morning and leave the afternoon free for more exploratory learning.

“Children need normality, familiarity and structure. So, keep to a routine. It makes home schooling easier and helps children to realise this is not a holiday, and that teachers are expecting learning to take place to some degree.” Lillie Rosenblatt, teacher at Brookfield primary school in Camden, London

Choose Your Teaching Tools and Resources

Some schools are using online video systems such as Zoom to enable a like for like video experience. Some schools have chosen Microsoft Teams, or live talk via programmes such as Google Hangouts or Alphateach.

These tools can be fantastic for encouraging children to collaborate with others in their class whilst they are learning at home too. You can also use these tools to create consistency in their learning through collaborating with other parents or teachers to ensure your child’s learning goes smoothly.

Make use of Free Online Resources

Some online learning organisations and universities are providing free resources to facilitate learning for children of all ages. We have seen people using Twinkl, Teacher’s Pet and Wordwall for primary aged children and BBC Bitesize and Children’s University of Manchester for secondary aged pupils. 

Take Advantage of Youtube

There are so many education based videos on Youtube, all for free! It’s a fantastic library which can encourage you to explore other topics via the ‘suggested’ section. Some channels we have seen that have been particularly good for learning are the Science Channel, National Geographic Kids and Physical Education.

Schedule Time for Fun

While this situation is definitely not a vacation, it is very important that we use this time to have fun and spend time with our families. It’s very rare that we get to spend so much time and get so involved in the education of our children. Use this opportunity to bond with your family and explore new things that you would never have had the time to do before. Experts at Children and Screens recommend organising a tournament, family card games, charades, chess or getting outside for a walk together.

We Can Help

Our interactive touchscreens are in thousands of classrooms in schools across the UK and many teachers use our software AlphaTeach as a learning resource tool.

To help you to continue the education of your children at home, we are offering Free AlphaTeach Annual Licence to the first 500 people who email requesting the software.

Once the 500 licences have gone, we will be offering a reduced cost of our software of £49.99 + VAT so that you can make the transition to home schooling as smooth as possible.

The AlphaTeach software allows you to use an whiteboard function on your laptop, create graphs, import Youtube resources and so much more. See our demonstration here.

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