AV Roadmap Out of Lockdown 2021

With the PM announcing the roadmap to reopening after lockdown, we have been thinking about how we can help businesses hit the ground running when they can reopen.

Before the pandemic, audio-visual technology was often by-passed by companies as it was often seen as an unnecessary luxury. However, the change in circumstances over the last 18 months has meant that technology has become important to keeping staff and customers safe and informed, as well as boosting sales and footfall once lockdown ends.

As AV technology has become so important, we have come up with our own AV roadmap to help businesses hit the ground running when they reopen.

8th March 2021

Schools Re-open

Interactive Touchscreens – Schools can use this time to install new interactive touchscreens in their classrooms. Interactive touchscreens are a great tool to help improve learning outcomes and collaboration, which is something that will be the focus for schools when pupils return. Teachers and pupils will also have been used to using technology more for learning during lockdown so the transition to using interactive touchscreens in the classroom will be smooth.


Digital Hand Sanitiser Dispensers – Schools can install digital hand sanitiser dispensers in school receptions to help keep staff and visitors safe and informed. Our hand sanitiser dispensers have a built in digital display that can show content, including social distancing guidelines and schools news,  which can be instantly updated at the click of a button. Forget about printing posters and putting them up in the hope they will be seen.

29th March 2021

Outdoor Sports Re-open


Outdoor LED – With outdoor sports allowed to go ahead, venues can use outdoor LED displays to advertise events, services or offers to help boost footfall and sales. Outdoor LED is a worthwhile investment that had great ROI opportunities for years to come.

12th April 2021

Retail, Outdoor Hospitality and Outdoor Attractions Re-open

Digital Hand Sanitisers – Hand hygiene and other guidelines are likely to still be around for months to come in all sectors. So, our digital hand sanitiser dispensers are a great solution that will ensure your staff and customers stay safe and informed in the future. You can also use this digital display to display offers to boost sales and footfall.


Digital Menu Boards – The hospitality sector has been hit hard during lockdown so digital menu boards might seem like an unnecessary luxury, but they can help you save money on printing costs and they can boost sales of products using dynamic content. Digital menu boards are more cost effective than most businesses think, and we also have leasing options available.

Digital Signage – Digital signage, whether freestanding outdoor displays or in shop windows, can help to boost sales and footfall. Digital signage gives you the flexibility you need to update your content without having to print posters. Installing digital signage for your shop, restaurant, outdoor attraction can help you hit the ground running when you can re-open to the public.


Outdoor LED – If the PM’s roadmap goes ahead on time, this summer will be a great time for families and friends to get together to socialise. Therefore, outdoor spaces are going to draw customers to your venue. Outdoor LED can help to create an event like a ‘movie under the stars’ or customers can watch football outdoors on the LED display. 

17th May 2021

Indoor Hospitality, Entertainment and Sport Re-opens

Digital Menu Boards – With indoor hospitality able to open, digital menu boards can help to boost sales or certain products through offers and images displayed on the boards. Dynamic content can be updated from any remote location so you have full control over your display.

Digital Signage – Indoor entertainment venues can use digital signage displays to advertise events, offers and products to customer to boost sales.

Digital Hand Sanitiser Dispensers – Hand hygiene will still be important during this phase so having sanitisation stations will be important. But why not use your sanitiser as a marketing tool too? Use the in-built display to advertise events, offers and products as well as social distancing guidelines.

These are just some of our suggestions of how AV technology can help you to gain more footfall, boost sales and keep everyone safe when society re-opens. We want to help businesses to open successfully, making the most out of this opportunity to grow and hit the ground running.

If you would like to discuss ways in which our AV solutions can help your business, please speak to our team on 03300 020120 or email info@adnplc.com.

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