The future of 3D holographic display systems is here. Introducing AlphaBlade.

A truly unique visual advertising experience, guaranteed to capture your audiences’ attention. 3D Holographic Display Systems are perfect for retail, hopspitality, events, sports venues and much more.

Our Holographic Display Systems

Using the very latest LED technology alongside innovative software, you will be able to showcase stunning 3D images of your products that can be displayed at eye level, delivering an amazing experience for your customers and clients.

All of the AlphaBlade range is portable, easy to install and set-up and is perfect for product launches and exhibitions or for permanent installations in retail, hospitality, restaurant/fast food outlets, sports venues, public spaces and many more locations. Available as single, stand-alone units or as part of a multi-blade array, there is an AlphaBlade solution to suit your specific need.

This 3D Holographic Display is an eye-catching way to advertise new products, a powerful marketing tool.

Manufactured and managed by Alpha Digital.

Here at ADN we take full ownership of every AV project we undertake, each solution is manufactured by us and we create your signage content in house. This sets us apart from competitors who simply sell on the hardware.

A fully managed project with our experienced team means that you can rely on us to exceed expectations, creating a simpler process that is cheaper due to there being no middleman.


AlphaSignage provides you with a range of Full HD Commercial Screens that can be deployed in almost any environment or sector. Remote monitoring and deployment make updating and managing your content a simple process.

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Read about how we helped Blackburn Rovers embrace their new LED Displays.

After being promoted to The Championship in 2018, Blackburn Rovers FC wanted to move forward and embrace technology at their club to enhance the fan experience and gain revenue through advertising. Our aim is to help companies integrate our AV solutions into their business to increase brand awareness, revenue and customer engagement.