Present, advertise and interact with freestanding digital signage with AlphaTotem.

Freestanding digital signage is the ideal tool to help get your message across to visitors, customers and staff. 

Indoor and Outdoor Freestanding Digital Displays

Our indoor and outdoor freestanding digital signage totem displays are a great way to present, advertise and interact with your advertisements.  Whether you need to create brand awareness, share company news and offers or directing visitors, digital signage is the perfect tool. 

Content can be displayed on this HD display from a local source, such as a pen drive, or from a remote location through signage software. This solution will give you the flexibility you need to target customers or visitors, to ensure your message is seen in an eye-catching way.  Our outdoor totem displays are built with an anti-vandal, weatherproof body and boast great readability,
even in direct sunlight.

Indoor totem displays are perfect to use in reception areas, retail space, offices, restaurants and many more sectors.

Manufactured and managed by Alpha Digital.

Here at ADN we take full ownership of every AV project we undertake, each solution is manufactured by us and we create your signage content in house. This sets us apart from competitors who simply sell on the hardware.

A fully managed project with our experienced team means that you can rely on us to exceed expectations, creating a simpler process that is cheaper due to there being no middleman.

Hippo Motor Group

Hippo Motor Group now have an interactive outdoor totem to display their app. Customers can now browse the stock of cars, making the car-buying journey easier and quicker for customers.

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Read about how we helped Blackburn Rovers embrace their new LED Displays.

After being promoted to The Championship in 2018, Blackburn Rovers FC wanted to move forward and embrace technology at their club to enhance the fan experience and gain revenue through advertising. Our aim is to help companies integrate our AV solutions into their business to increase brand awareness, revenue and customer engagement.