AlphaTeach Quick Start Guide

AlphaTeach annotation and teaching resource software encourages collaboration and engagement in the classroom. AlphaTeach allows Teachers to import Smart Notebook files with full functionality and then some! This makes transition from old resources and technology to the new AlphaTeach software seamless.

Also, using AlphaTeach, Teachers can create engaging lessons through imaginative content from various resources, all pulled together into one interactive space. Annotate over videos, create interactive games and create graphs with the many tools to present a topic in an interesting way.

Watch our video for a brief overview of what AlphaTeach can do.


AlphaTeach Quick Start Guide


How to Import Smart Notebook Files

AlphaTeach allows you to import old Smart Notebook files with full functionality. Simply go to ‘File’ – ‘Open’. Next, find the Smart Notebook file on the PC and select to open.




These icons allow you to create a slideshow.

Use the below icon to create a new page.

AlphaTeach New Page

Furthermore, use the below icon to go to the previous and next pages.

AlphaTeach Next Page

To access the ‘Slide Menu’, simply click on the white arrow in the below image. This will allow you to duplicate, move and delete slides.

AlphaTeach Menu


For a full explanation of all the tools on the software, please see our Alpha Teach walkthrough 2018.


Changing Pens

The software has a range of pens with various colours and thickness options. However, these are easy to select and use.

To change the pen, simply select one of the preset pens as shown below.

You can change the colour by selecting the icon below.

To change the thickness, just click the icon below.


Why Use AlphaTeach?

There is so much more that AlphaTeach software can do. You can annotate over web resources, bring in videos and images from the internet, and even in multi-user mode so that multiple people can work collaboratively or in competition. You can view our Alpha Teach walkthrough 2018 guide to see how to use more tools.

AlphaTeach is the perfect software to run on our 4K AlphaInteractive touch screens. Also, the software is an annual licence to give you the flexibility you need.

If you would like to speak to our team about the benefits of the software then please phone us on 03300 020120 or email us at

We do offer training packages to suit your needs and budget so that you and your staff can keep up to date with how to get the most out of the software to improve outcomes for pupils. For information about our training courses, please phone us on 03300 020120 or email us at