No matter what industry you are in, technology is revolutionising the way businesses conduct their daily activities. 

We have outlined 5 ways technology can improve your business. 


Increase productivity 

The use of technology in your business can speed up processes and, therefore, improve productivity.    

Whether you want to analyse how your staff are spending their time or introduce systems to ensure efficiency, various technologies can offer solutions.  

Task management tools, such as Trello or Taskque can help you stay on top of your daily tasks and duties. 

Also, with the use of automation tools, you can centrally control certain aspects of your business. For example, you can replace your traditional paper posters with digital signage, which can be controlled centrally. Therefore, your staff do not have to spend time changing posters but can concentrate on increasing productivity in other areas of the business. 


Improve Communication 

We know how difficult it can be to keep staff members engaged in meetings. However, the use of interactive touchscreens in the boardroom can make meetings much more than just showing statistics on a board. Enabling staff to stand up and contribute to the meeting content on the board, through interesting software and apps, can greatly increase the chance of staff retaining the information from the meeting.  

Also, the use of digital screens in offices can be used to display sales figures and targets, event information or urgent safety announcements. You could even incentivise sales staff with ‘flash targets’ that can be displayed on the screens in the office for a short amount of time. For example, you could offer sales staff a voucher if they get so many sales within the time limit. This can help boost your sales. 

These tools for communication can help to improve teamwork across the entire business. 


Improve Flexibility 

Do you want more control and flexibility with your marketing? Digital screens are a perfect solution to decrease overhead costs, whilst gaining more control.  

The ability to change and update marketing material at the click of a button is very helpful in your business.  

For example, if you owned a chain of cafés all serving the same menu at various locations and you had a breakfast and lunch menu, you could control the digital menu boards to display the correct menus on a schedule. So, your screens could be programmed to turn on at 7am when the cafes opened and then to change from the breakfast to lunch menu automatically at 11:30am. This could be different for each site, but all controlled from one central point. You could also display specials for each location and turn this off when they run out to avoid disappointment for the customer. This automation has numerous benefits for your business and customers. It will give you the control and consistency needed for your brand, enable you to target different audiences at different sites to gain more sales and, also improve the customer journey by avoiding disappointment. 


Enhance your Marketing 

You market your business through different channels to improve brand awareness, build relationships and boost sales. Both digital and traditional marketing methods work together to achieve these goals.  

In a fast-changing business world, customers and audiences now expect more from technology to improve the customer experience, whether it’s faster ordering on payment kiosks or augmented reality tech to help choose a sofa. 

It now takes between 5 and 7 touchpoints before your customer will buy from you and technology is a very powerful tool when it comes to influencing the customer. It has been shown that digital signage adds an upswing in overall sales volume by 31.8% 

The adoption of technology can improve the customer journey, increase brand awareness and it can be used to increase sales via targeted marketing. If you want to get more customers into your store, high brightness digital displays can show offers or events to increase footfall. If you want to increase sales at the point-of-sale, 60% of buying decisions are made at this point so you could use targeted adverts on payment kiosks. If you need to increase brand awareness, roadside LED panels might be a good option in a high-traffic area. There is a technological solution to suit every need. 


Increase Profitability 

A great way to grow your business is by increasing your profitability. To do this, you could cut your overheads using technology.  

Whether it’s using a piece of software to give you control or improve communication or hardware to decrease waste in your business, technology can provide the perfect solution.  

For example, if you owned an advertising company, you could install a large LED screen instead of a billboard. This would mean that you would cut down the costs of replacing the posters every so many weeks. You could also use the technology to gain more revenue by building more partnerships for the same amount of space. You could have one billboard-sized screen but could change the adverts every 3 minutes. This means, for the same space, you could have multiple customers paying to display their adverts with minimal costs to your business. 

Most technologies could be used in this same way, reducing waste of materials and time and making the most out of the space you have. 



In conclusion, technology is such a powerful tool to help your business in so many ways. Whether you need to increase brand awareness or improve the customer journey whilst keeping costs down, there is a perfect solution for any problem. 

 Alpha Digital Networks are a Darwen based audio-visual solution manufacturer and supplier. So, we can provide the perfect solution for you and your business whilst keeping the costs down and guaranteeing the quality. If you are looking to integrate technology into your company to increase profits, please call our team today to discuss your needs. 


Staff at Darwen based Alpha Digital Networks are hosting a Macmillan Coffee Morning on Friday 27th September 2019 between 10am and 1pm at their office at Arkwright Court.

Pop in to their office tomorrow morning for coffee, cake and great company whilst raising money for an amazing charity. Alpha will also be running a raffle with fantastic prizes.

Address: Alpha Digital, Unit 6 Arkwright Court, Commercial Road, Darwen, BB3 0FG

Time: 10am-1pm

Date: Friday 27th September 2019


Darwen based Alpha Digital Networks has donated an HD video wall to Pendleside Hospice to help them increase footfall in their shops.


Based at Arkwright Court, Alpha Digital has been delivering innovative audio-visual solutions to the education and corporate sectors for over ten years. Alpha Digital manufactures, installs and maintains audio-visual and digital signage solutions, including hardware and content.


Alpha has been refurbishing their showroom at their Darwen office to show off their newest products. To make room to accommodate this new equipment, Alpha ran a competition for local charities to win an ex-display HD video wall from their showroom.


Joe Makepeace, Managing Director of Alpha Digital Networks, said “We believe it is very important to help local charities and we have done a lot of work in the community since we moved from Chorley to Darwen 18 months ago. We wanted to give our ex-display video wall to a local charity, to help them with their work.”


Entrants were asked to tell Alpha how they felt the video wall would benefit their charity for the chance to win the screen. Alpha then had the difficult task of whittling down the entries and finally settled on Pendleside Hospice as the worthy winner.


Christina Cope, Head of Corporate Fundraising at Pendleside Hospice, said “Alpha Digital will help us put the Fun into Fundraising and get our message of Support, Compassion and Care out to our local community.”


Pendleside Hospice is a fantastic local charity which exists to promote and enhance quality of life for people with life-limiting illnesses, their families and carers; by delivering specialist and holistic palliative care, which addresses their individually assessed physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs.


Joe Makepeace said “We are very proud to have donated this HD video wall to Pendleside Hospice. We hope that the equipment will help the charity.”


Alpha is determined to continue their work with the local community so that everyone has access to their technology.


Are you worried about whether your classroom touchscreen will work correctly when you get back for the start of term?

Interactive touchscreens can be a great tool for the classroom but, unfortunately, they can become a constantly source of frustration for teachers if they are not set up correctly. So, we have come up with a few tips and tricks to help ease your frustration with your classroom interactive touchscreen.


My screen won’t calibrate properly!

Most modern interactive touchscreens do not need calibration, unlike older interactive whiteboards. The great thing about touchscreens is that they should be ‘plug and play’ so you should just be able to plug your laptop into the screen and go. However, we found that a lot of Teachers have had issues with the calibration so we thought we would help.

This issue is most likely caused by the wrong aspect ratio setting. If your screen looks distorted or you have black lines around the edge, the aspect ratio is definitely set incorrectly on your PC or laptop. This is a really simple fix. We have an easy-to-follow video tutorial on how to change the aspect ratio on our Youtube channel:

If this still doesn’t resolve your issue, we would recommend you contact your screen manufacturer, most of them will offer support over the phone. Alternatively, your I.T. department should be able to help with this.

interactive touchscreen

The touch isn’t working!

Sometimes, you might find that the touch is either not smooth or you touch in one corner and it recognised the touch in another. Issues with the touch could be a few different things, but there are a few easy things to try first before writing off your screen.

If you try and draw a straight line but the line then has gaps in, this could be that the screen needs a good clean. Most screens in classrooms are infrared touch so you will need to make sure the inside of the frame of the screen is perfectly clean. Also, ensure the screen is clean as finger marks can often disrupt the touch signal. However, to clean your screen, do not use normal polish. Only use screen cleaner on your interactive screen.

If you touch in one corner and the screen registers the touch somewhere else, make sure you have nothing stuck to the frame of the screen. This can cause interference. We have a useful video to help with intermittent touch issues on our Youtube channel:

You may also need to update the touch drivers on your PC. We have made a helpful video about how to update these on our Youtube channel:

If you have no touch at all on the screen, this could be the signal from the laptop. Touch is carried from the laptop/PC via the Touch USB cable. Please ensure this is plugged into the correct Touch USB slot on the screen. One other thing to check is, if the screen has built-in Android, switch to this and see if you can use the touch. If the touch is fine on the Android, this means the issue is definitely a cable/setting issue on the PC. If you have no touch on the Android, contact your I.T. provider or manufacturer as this could be a fault.


I have no sound!

This can sometimes be as simple as a setting on your PC/laptop as some can default to the internal PC speakers. It is very simple to fix this issue. We have created a step-by-step video about how to change the setting on our Youtube channel:

If this still doesn’t fix your sound issue, it could be an issue with the speakers. If your screen has built-in Android, switch to this and see if you have sound. If not, it could be an issue with your speakers. To test this, plug in some headphones into the slot on the screen (not the laptop). If you have sound out of the headphones then the speakers may have gone and you may want to discuss this with your I.T. department.


I want to be able to freeze the screen and work on my PC independently!

Most modern interactive touchscreens will have a ‘freeze’ function which enables you to freeze the image you have on the screen whilst you work on your PC/ laptop. We would recommend you refer to your screen guide or online resources for instructions on how to do this.


I want to share what I have on my tablet onto the screen!

Some interactive touchscreens now have screen mirroring/sharing apps pre-loaded so that you can share your tablet onto the screen. Our screens come with this capability but we would recommend you refer to your screen guide to see if you can do this.

So, there it is! Our list of tips and tricks to help you with your interactive touchscreen in your classroom. We hope this article has helped to fix any issues you are having with your screen so you can make the most out of your classroom technology.



Darwen based Alpha Digital Networks has donated an interactive touchscreen to Blackburn Youth Zone to help with events and clubs. The AlphaInteractive touchscreen has been installed in the Recreation Area at Blackburn Youth Zone and will be used by children and patrons using the facilities.

Based at Arkwright Court, Alpha Digital has been delivering innovative technological solutions to the education and corporate sectors for over ten years. Alpha Digital manufactures, installs and maintains audio-visual and digital signage solutions, including hardware and content.

Blackburn Youth Zone and Alpha have a strong partnership, which has grown over the last few months as they have worked on various projects together. Alpha has loaned Blackburn Youth Zone interactive touchscreens and freestanding digital posters for events including the Blackburn Beer Festival and the Alpha Innov8 Day. The team at Alpha Digital Networks decided to support the work that Blackburn Youth Zone does for young people by donating an interactive touchscreen for them to use permanently. Alpha aims to work closely with the local community, to help improve outcomes for young people.

Interactive touchscreens can improve learning outcomes for children and encourages participation, which has been shown to give a feeling of empowerment. The touchscreen can be used to access learning resources online, apps for entertainment and education and for playing HD videos. The screen will allow Blackburn Youth Zone to present information in different ways to suit different learning styles and improve digital literacy skills.  Toughened glass on the screen also means that the technology is accessible to anyone and is durable when it is needed.

The screen was installed by Alpha’s AV Engineer, Jason Dullenty, and Apprentice Engineer, Jack Lawson. The team at Blackburn Youth Zone are very happy with the new addition to their facilities. Mel Thomas from Blackburn Youth Zone said, “it’s already being put to great use and engaging young people.”

Joe Makepeace, Managing Director of Alpha Digital Networks, said “We are very proud to have donated this AlphaInteractive touchscreen to Blackburn Youth Zone. We hope that the equipment will empower the children and staff to learn new skills and provide entertainment that is accessible to all. We have worked very closely with Blackburn Youth Zone on numerous projects and we are please to have helped the young people in the community.”

Alpha is determined to continue their work with the local community so that everyone has access to their technology.


Alpha Digital Networks are very proud to have been shortlisted for the ‘Small Business of the Year’ category of the Hive Business Awards.

Alpha has seen significant growth over the last two years, gaining new contracts to provide their AV solutions to businesses across the UK. They have recently manufactured and installed digital signage, LED displays and interactive touch screens at Blackburn Rovers FC, VPZ stores throughout the UK, Allen’s Fried Chicken, Cheltenham and Carlisle racecourses, and AS Systems.

Based at Arkwright Court in Darwen, Alpha Digital has been delivering innovative technological solutions to the education and corporate sectors for ten years. Catering for a diverse range of clients, over 65% of the firm’s business comes from repeat orders and referrals. Alpha Digital manufactures, installs and maintains audio-visual and digital signage solutions, including providing hardware and content.

The final winners will be revealed at an awards ceremony held at the stunning King George’s Hall, on the 27th June.


A tech day hosted by Darwen-based AV technology specialist, Alpha Digital Networks PLC, at Blackburn Youth Zone on 21 March attracted business leaders from across the region keen to explore the latest AV digital signage and attend seminars on how to communicate with customers through video and photography.


The “Alpha Innov8 Day” also raised funds for Blackburn Youth Zone based at Jubilee Street through a charity raffle and was visited by former MP for Blackburn, Rt Hon Jack Straw.


Featuring slots from keynote speakers, Rob Hallam at BigTank Productions and Jak Spedding Photography, three sessions were held throughout the day. Topics included: “Communicating with your customer through video” and “How to create compelling digital signage content” hosted by Joe Makepeace of Alpha Digital Networks.


The event is set to occur quarterly, with Alpha Digital organising educational workshops for businesses on a range of technology topics


Speaking of the initiative, Joe Makepeace, general manager at Alpha Digital Networks, said: “It was great to be able to help local businesses to experience the latest advanced digital signage.  We’re planning to build on this success and host future events at the centre to help businesses to understand how to use interactive technology to engage their customers and drive sales.


“We’re delighted to be able to draw attention to the great work that Blackburn Youth Zone does in our community and we look forward to collaborating and helping to raise more funds for them in the future.”


Based at Arkwright Court, Alpha Digital has been delivering innovative technological solutions to the education and corporate sectors for ten years. Catering for a diverse range of clients, over 65% of the firm’s business comes from repeat orders and referrals.  Alpha Digital manufactures, installs and maintains audio-visual and digital signage solutions, including providing hardware and content.


For more information, call us on 03300 020120 or email


Alpha Digital Networks PLC has been celebrating International Women’s Day and believes that gender is no barrier when recruiting talented individuals into the tech industry. This has played a big part in the rapid growth of the Darwen based AV company, which has recently attracted business wins from Blackburn Rovers and The Jockey Club.


The firm, which manufactures, installs and maintains audio-visual and digital signage solutions across a wide range of corporate and commercial sectors, has a 50/50 gender split to its workforce, which includes employing women in operations, sales, accountancy and marketing roles.


Based at Arkwright Court, the firm was established in 2009 and operates in a traditionally male-dominated sector, providing cutting-edge interactive AV signage systems to engage customers and drive sales.


Speaking of Alpha Digital’s approach to equality, Joe Makepeace, general manager, says: “We pride ourselves on employing the best people for the job, regardless of their gender.  In the past, women often had to outperform their male colleagues to be seen as equal, but these days the barriers to equality are coming down.


“This is a great company to work for and we’re benefiting from the fact that more women are becoming interested in tech and engineering careers.  The AV industry is an exciting place to work, with constantly evolving interactive and digital technology that feeds into every aspect of our daily lives.”


We are excited to invite local businesses to learn about digital technology and content at our Alpha Innov8 Day.

Alpha Digital Networks PLC are teaming up with Blackburn Youth Zone to host our Alpha Innov8 Day on 21st March 2019.

As businesses, we’re all looking to enhance processes, increase the efficiency of marketing efforts and find ways in which we can use technology to provide us with an edge in the marketplace.

The Alpha Innov8 Day offers businesses the chance to learn about how to create compelling digital content and how to deploy this effectively using interactive technology.


Book your ticket here!


The day will be split into three sessions. In each sessions, you will have the chance to take part in three workshops as follows:

1. ‘Communicating with your Customers Through Video’ with Rob Hallam of BigTank Productions (10am, 12pm) OR ‘The Power of Commercial Photography’ with Jak Spedding of Jak Spedding Photography (2pm)

2. ‘Delivering Compelling Digital Signage’ with Joe Makepeace of Alpha Digital Networks PLC

3. ‘Using Interactive Technology to Boost Engagement’ with Alpha Staff


Refreshments donated by Blackburn Youth Zone and Egg Free Cake Box will be available.

We will also be running a raffle for attendees with prizes donated by local businesses. All proceeds will go to Blackburn Youth Zone.


DATE: 21st March 2019

VENUE: Blackburn Youth Zone, Jubilee Street, Blackburn, BB1 1EP

TIMES: Sessions start at 10am, 12pm, 2pm. During each session, you will take part in the three workshops listed above.

To reserve your place, please book a ticket on Eventbrite or email


There is a lot more to purchasing an interactive touch screen for the office than just buying the largest panel that will fit. We will talk you through the things you should think about when wanting to invest in an interactive touch screen for your office.

Using interactive digital tools in the office can help staff collaborate effectively and this has become a hot topic in most companies. The interactive nature of this technology also allows the movement of digital data between staff and locations, meaning businesses can work as effectively as possible.

Choosing the right interactive solution, either replacing a projector or non-interactive screen, can be daunting. This can especially be the case if using this sort of technology is new to you and the business. You might also have reservations about the true cost of these solutions but this article aims to answer some questions you may have about choosing your own interactive touch screen.


The Right Screen for the Right Room

Choosing the correct or ideal location for your interactive screen is one of the most important parts to integrating the technology.

Interactive screens now coming in a range of sizes and prices, so choosing the location for your screen is more about meeting the needs of the user than putting it somewhere just for status.

Regardless of the screen size, the display needs to work for the size of the room it’s in. You might want to put screens in a few rooms of different sizes and shapes so it is important to choose a solution where each screen works with the same software and in the same way so that there is no confusion.

It is important that you think about how people will use the screen. If it will be used mainly for presentations or large meetings, then a larger screen in a larger room will work well. However, if you have small teams who have small meetings in huddle spaces, small screens will work perfectly.



At Alpha Digital Networks, we believe that simplicity and ease of use is an integral part of delivering a smooth interactive technology experience. An interactive touch screen that needed calibration, driver updates and a long user manual would not be suitable for the modern office environment.

Users was to connect technology quickly and simply so that they can get on with the job at hand. They want to be able to collaborate with colleagues easily and seamlessly. Connection needs to work instantly, without the need to having to find special cables, pens or remote controls.

An interactive touch screen that can offer connection with a standard Windows or Android interface is what is needed. This will work every time with no additional set up time.

For even more flexibility, wireless connectivity would give you the opportunity to add multiple participants, making sharing resources easy. Interactivity is the main reason why you are investing in these screens, so this means that the screen will get used and doesn’t end up just becoming an expensive display screen stuck in the corner of the room.


Touch Options 

Interactive touch screen technology has become a part of our everyday lives, from smartphones to touchscreens in retail spaces. We are all becoming used to intuitive and easy-to-use technology.

Also, with touch capabilities now available on the standard Windows OS, users can annotate directly on the popular software packages, such as Word, Powerpoint and Excel. Therefore, even with the entry level technology now available, this touch experience is available so your interactive display in the office shouldn’t need special software installed. This make the integration easy and smooth.


Bring Your Own Device

In many businesses now, staff are issued with a laptop or smartphone to use for work purposes. However, as these tools might not suit all staff, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) has become more popular.

Traditionally, allowing staff to bring in different devices would have been an IT nightmare. However, with the diverse compatibility of interactive touch screens, you can simply plug most devices in and instantly get to work. This flexibility is a huge benefit to companies.


Reducing Travel Costs 

Traditionally, meetings had to take place face-to-face. However, interactive touch screens can integrate seamlessly with your video conferencing system, meaning you can have meetings with colleagues from anywhere. This reduces travel costs and also your carbon footprint.

Therefore, choosing an interactive touch screen that can integrate with your video conferencing system is vital to ensuring that collaborative working with colleagues is  successful in your business.



Finally, there is the consideration of the true cost of ownership. Purchasing the cheapest solutions is not always the most cost effective in the long run. The screen you purchase is a considerable investment in your company’s collaborative future and work ethic.

You will want a screen that is high-quality so that it doesn’t fail when your staff need it most. Also, quality but simplicity will give you a good return on investment as your staff will get good use out of it. Staff will simply not use a solution that is difficult to use, fails them or generally does not make them more productive.


That is why our AlphaInteractive 4K touch screen displays are perfect for the office. They have great picture resolution, have Android OS as standard with the option of adding Windows 10, and have software that allows staff to use on-screen tools to enhance their work performance.

If you would like more information about our 4K AlphaInteractive touch screens, call us on 03300 020120 or email We also offer free, no-obligation demonstrations if you would like to see the screens in action.