The reality of the Coronavirus outbreak is starting to settle in, with many staff across the UK setting up to work from home.

It’s difficult for many to comprehend how what seemed to be a simple virus can bring the world to a standstill.

As the World Health Organisation are working tirelessly to create a vaccine to tackle the virus, health experts have been advising the best precautions the general public can take to help flatten the curve of the pandemic. This advice has been repeated over and over again; social distancing and practice good personal hygiene. However, when people touch so many potentially contaminated surfaces each hour, how can we reiterate the importance of the personal hygiene and social distancing advice?

Education and Awareness

Repetition is key when it comes to the success of this advice. It might seem like common sense to wash your hands more often, but reminders can help to further drive the point. Businesses, the NHS and councils have started to put up static posters in strategic places to remind the public about the importance of personal hygiene. However, the advice and information given has been constantly changing, which makes it very hard to keep up with updating the paper posters.

How Digital Signage Can Help

Today, millions of digital signage screens are used in reception areas, offices and shops across the world and many are powered by cloud-based content management systems. Content management systems allow content publishers to instantly update content (as information changes) from one central location. This real-time platform can work similarly to television or radio with ‘live’ updates on the advice given to the public or your customers.

With larger installations across multiple sites, the cloud-based software can allow your business the flexibility to target messaging to any location or geographical region.

Digital signage can help your business run as smoothly as possible in the uncertainty over the virus. By having a digital display in your shop window, you can advise your customers to use hand sanitizer before they enter your retail store, or direct them to your website where they can purchase your products for delivery without even having to enter.

Digital signage in offices can also help to reiterate the advice of personal hygiene and could be instantly updated to keep up to date with news.

Digital signage is such a powerful tool in the current situation, and it is often less costly than you would think. Alpha Digital manufactures and installs our digital signage solutions to create affordable hardware and software for our customers. Our team of in-house digital signage experts can also train you on the content software, so you have full control of your signage content.

To discuss our solutions and prices, please call us on 03300 020120 and our team will be happy to help.


Digital Signage is a very powerful tool when it comes to brand awareness and could be adopted as part of your marketing strategy. With a potential upswing in sales volume is 31.8%, digital signage displays in a retail window is the perfect addition to businesses.

The flexibility that digital signage gives businesses can be used to create eye-catching signage to boost sales, improve the customer experience or create brand awareness.

We have thought about the ways digital signage can be used in a shop window so that you can keep ahead of your competition.

Create Eye-Catching Creative Content

63% of people report that digital signage catches their attention, a rate that is fundamentally higher than TV, internet and print marketing. This gives you an idea of the power of showing the right content at the right time in the right place.

However, this also shows that businesses must use this to their advantage. There is no point of investing in digital displays but just using it to display content that wouldn’t inspire anyone. Creating eye-catching, professional looking content is a great way to get heads turning.

Professional images of products, videos of happy customers and striking graphics to show offers or deals are all ways to capture your customers’ attention. Using a digital display to create a need or want for your products or services can be very powerful.

Alpha Digital Networks recently manufactured and installed a high-brightness digital display in the window of Lytham Funeral Service Ltd. As a result of this installation, they have noticed that the screen has had a “great effect on enquiries.” For example, “a family saw the screen and info and booked a funeral from the screen, even though they had already made enquiries with another Director.” This is just one example of how digital signage can be used to boost sales and enquiries.

Moving image should be used with digital signage to create the most impact with your advertisements. Moving image is more eye-catching that static images, although both can be powerful when used in the correct way.

Using a Graphic Designer to create content is one option if you have the budget to allow them to update your signage. However, this isn’t always possible, especially for small businesses. Therefore, you can often gain training on the Content Management System and learn how to create the content yourself. This not only saves money but can also make your content reactive to your audience. For example, if your shoe shop only has two pair of ‘black high heels’ left in stock, you can quickly update your content to reflect this.

Schedule Content to Target Customers

One of the features of using digital signage is that you can schedule your content to be displayed at certain times. You can use this to target your customers. For example, if you owned a café near a football ground, you could schedule to the screen to display a ‘Football Special’ for the two hours before and after the game. If you know when a certain target customer will be passing, using this scheduling tool to get a specific message across to them is a great way to stand out from the crowd.

We hope this has given you a few ideas of the benefits of digital signage and how you can use it to keep ahead of the competition.

Alpha Digital Networks is a manufacturer and installer of digital signage in the Blackburn and Manchester areas. We pride ourselves on working with customers as partners to create the perfect solution to suit your needs and budget.

If you would like bespoke AV solutions for your business, to keep ahead of your competition, please call our team on 03300 020120 to discuss your project. Our staff will be happy to discuss ideas and help you with your project.


We often find that School Business Managers and Headteachers worry about the disruption that could be caused when replacing the technology in the classroom. However, there is nothing more frustrating for Teachers than having faulty or outdated technology in the classroom. In fact, having faulty technology can sometimes hinder pupil learning.

So, we have thought of the ways to avoid disruption whilst keeping your classroom technology up to date.

Choose the Right Installation Date for You

If it is possible, request a certain date to have your new technology installed. You can often choose dates during the school holidays to avoid having to move pupils out of a classroom. By having your equipment installed during school holidays, this can avoid unnecessary disruption to pupils and their learning.

Another thing to consider when you are booking an installation date, is ensuring you have the correct staff members on site to sign off the work. It is usually a good idea to have a senior member of staff on site to make sure you are satisfied with the work carried out and to help to Engineers if any issues arise.

Ensure all Installation Details are Correct

One way to avoid disruption with installations is to ensure that the installation team have everything they need in place to complete the installation. For example, if you are having interactive touchscreens installed on the wall but you need it to connect to a laptop and the teacher wants to sit at the back of the classroom, you will need a connection plate on the wall near the laptop. Also, if you want it on a wall where there is no power, it is worth getting an electrician in to put a power socket in.

It is very frustrating for school staff when an installation cannot be completed and this can sometimes cause issues in classrooms where the technology is needed for lessons. Just having the simple information ready for your IT or AV provider can save a lot of time and disruption.

Book Training Sessions for Staff

Classroom technology can be one of the biggest purchases a school makes and, therefore, it is no good if the staff cannot make the most out of the investment. Ensuring staff are trained on how to use the technology, whether it’s an interactive touchscreen or a new laptop, so that they can use the equipment effectively is a very important part of avoiding disruption.

Training staff to use the technology can help avoid delays in teaching and can also help to improve learning outcomes for pupils as Teachers can use the equipment to encourage engagement.

It is also worth training the IT department so that they can help with any small technical issues anyone has to avoid long disruption you the class.

These are just a few ways to avoid disruption when replacing classroom technology.

Alpha Digital manufacture and install our own interactive touchscreens, which are in hundreds of schools across the UK. If you are thinking of investing in interactive touchscreens, we can help to provide you with the perfect solution to suit your needs and budget. As manufacturers and installers, we can provide expert advice and guarantee great prices. We provide Audio-Visual solutions in the Blackburn and Manchester areas as well as across the UK.

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Sponsorship can be a key part of marketing for many events companies, sports clubs or leisure facilities. Sponsors are becoming increasingly tech-savvy, looking for innovative and exciting ways to capture attention.

As well as raising funds, having sponsors can create opportunities for:

  • Building brand awareness
  • Increasing sales numbers
  • Improving brand image

Creativity with AV (audio-visual) and technology can open up opportunities to generate revenue for your business whilst helping to get sponsors get noticed.

These are just some ways you can use audio visual technology to gain more partnerships for your business.

Offer Exciting Ways to be Seen

Businesses often use sponsorship as part of their wider marketing plan to help increase brand awareness and, therefore, get a return on their investment. However, to achieve this, sponsors want their brand to stand out. So, if you can offer an innovative, eye-catching way for their brand to be seen, they could be more interested in the opportunity.

For example, using an LED display at half-time to encourage audience interaction via competitions, awards or fun adverts could be a great way to get a brand noticed.

Offer Increased Visibility

Many sports events are now being televised, which creates an un-rivalled opportunity for your brand to be seen by a large audience. If your sports club could offer sponsorship visibility, businesses could be incentivised to sponsor your club.

Pitch-side LED displays are now being used by a lot of UK football clubs as a tool to gain more visibility for sponsors in an eye-catching way. By offering this, your sponsors can see the potential return from the beginning.

Improve the Customer Journey

Using technology to improve the customer journey can often provide fantastic sponsorship opportunities. Dynamic digital signage displays can show offers or event information to your audience whilst showing them the sponsors. For example, you could offer a ‘sponsored drink’ for a discounted price for a limited amount of time, or even suggest sponsored menu items to couple with others.

Through the use of digital signage at the event or stadium, you can offer sponsorship opportunities tailored specifically to the needs of the audience.

In Conclusion

Digital signage and AV offer many opportunities to create eye-catching advertising, which can be used by sponsors to target their audience. Through offering sponsorship opportunities to suit their needs, your event or sports club can benefit from a stream of sponsors to help your business grow.

At Alpha Digital Networks, we manufacture and install our bespoke hardware, have an in-house digital signage team who can create your signage and provide training and can provide maintenance and support for years to come. We are the end-to-end solution provider so that your project does not get lost in translation between numerous providers. Our team can discuss your needs and budget and provide the perfect solution to suit your business. We offer AV solutions in the Blackburn and Manchester areas as well as all across the UK.

If you would like to discuss your digital signage project or the benefits of digital signage, please contact our team who will be happy to speak to you about your needs and provide a no-obligation quote.

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Whether you have a shop in a high-traffic area, or you are tucked away in a side street, it is often tricky to stand out and get noticed by potential customers. The high street is a very competitive environment and businesses often need to think of innovative ways to entice customers into their store.

One of the biggest challenges for businesses, big and small, is to attract more customers and steer them away from your competitors. To help, we have looked at how you can use technology to boost your store footfall.

Use Digital Signage to Create an Eye-Catching Window Display

Digital signage is a powerful tool to ensure your business stands out from the crowd. In fact, 63% of people report that digital signage catches their attention. You can use this to your advantage to boost footfall.

A high brightness digital display in your store window can be used to display eye-catching promotions, new products or even customer testimonials to passing trade. Digital signage software also gives you the flexibility to display different adverts on a schedule so that you can target certain customers during the day. For example, if you know that you want to run a promotion for football fans, you could run an advert whilst they are walking past your store on their way to the game.

Offering promotions or showing the benefits of new products can increase awareness and boost your footfall. Digital displays have been shown to be more eye-catching than traditional printed posters in shop windows. By increasing your store footfall, you will soon gain a good return on your digital signage solution.

Use Augmented Reality to Show Your Product Range

There is nothing more frustrating for customers than travelling to a store to find that the business does not have what they want in stock. However, businesses can now use augmented reality to show customers all of their product range without even having to have it out on display. If the business does not have the product in stock, the customer will at least be able to see what they product is like before ordering. This will improve the customer experience and, therefore, boost their confidence in the store and increase footfall.

Get Creative with Kiosks to Improve Your Loyalty Plan

Loyalty plans for customers are a great way to ensure they return to store. Businesses can use advertisements at kiosks to entice customers to sign up to a loyalty scheme. Technology can make this process much easier and quicker for customers, therefore, making it more appealing.

Create Consistency

One of the biggest challenges for a large business is to maintain consistency with the marketing. Customers expect to have the same experience in each business site. Therefore, businesses can use centrally controlled digital content to create this brand consistency. Through consistency, customers will feel confident that they will get the same customer experience from each site and visit the store.

There are so many ways to use technology and AV solutions to boost your footfall, whether you use it to catch the eye of passing trade or entice people to sign up to a loyalty scheme.

Alpha Digital Networks supplies digital display solutions in Manchester, Blackburn and the surrounding areas. We manufacture and install all of our AV solutions so that you can be confident that your project is in-hand. If you are looking for a high brightness display with content, interactive kiosks or LED displays speak to our team to discuss how you can use this technology to boost footfall.

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We often find that people are put off investing in digital signage because they believe it will cost a small fortune. When will digital signage pay for itself? 

Digital advertising displays are becoming more commonplace on the high street, often in high-end brands and luxury outlets such as the Apple Store. Although this is exciting for the industry, many small businesses feel like this is a solution that is not attainable for them. 

Small businesses can believe that digital displays will be too expensive or even too complicated to set up and use. However, this is simply not the case anymore.  

Digital screens did used to be reserved for those large corporations with large pockets and huge marketing budgets. But not today! 

Digital screens are cheaper than they ever were and much simpler to use too. 

One of the questions we get from customers is ‘how is it financially viable to upgrade to digital?’. So, we will discuss how any business, no matter what size or budget, can make digital signage work to their advantage. 

How much does a digital signage screen cost? 

We will begin with the screens. This has always been the largest cost associated with a digital signage solution. 

Thankfully, the cost of screens has decreased in recent years.  

With continuing developments in technology, you can now buy a normal TV screen very cheaply. When used with an external media player, a normal TV screen can be made into a digital signage display for a small cost.  

Alternatively, if your business has an old TV lying around, this could be used in the short term for no cost apart from a media player. 

However, there are pros and cons to using TV screens for your business.  

Traditional TV screens are not built to run 24/7 and have a shorter shelf-life than commercial displays. Commercial displays are designed to run continually and will last for years so the small investment can be worth it. 

Why would I want to buy a commercial display? 

If you want to invest in a commercial display so that your digital signage is shown in the best way it can be, you must understand the differences between a commercial display and a traditional TV screen. 

  • Commercial grade displays are designed to be used 24/7 so they are more durable and last longer. Also, you will not have to worry about screen burn on a commercial display. This can often be an issue with traditional TV screens. 
  • Commercial digital signage displays come in a range of different screen brightness options. A traditional TV is often 350cd/m2 brightness, but a commercial display can be up to 2500cd/m2 brightness. This is particularly important if you intend to use your digital signage display in your window. A traditional TV will not be seen in the sunlight, but a commercial display will. 

The good news for businesses is that commercial displays are much more affordable than you would think. For prices, please contact our team who will be able to help see which display is best for your needs and they can give you a price.  

How much does signage software cost? 

Once you have got your hardware, you will need to start to think about the signage software and other accessories that are necessary to making your display stand out from the crowd. While you might think that digital signage software is expensive, you will be pleasantly surprised. 

Digital signage companies often have a few different options to suit your needs and budget and Alpha Digital Networks is no exception. Our team at Alpha can help discuss your project ideas, can create content, set up software and provide training so that you can have the solution that suits your needs and that you are comfortable with.  

We would advise that support and training is not something you should skip as, once you know how to control the signage properly, you can have the flexibility your business needs at your fingertips. Also, if you invest in a solution and you have an issue or you’re are having trouble using it, you do not want to waste your time and money. Therefore, it’s a good idea to have a support team there to help you so you can resolve the issue quickly. 

At Alpha Digital Networks, we manufacture and install our bespoke hardware, have an in-house digital signage team who can create your signage and provide training and can provide maintenance and support for years to come. We are the end-to-end solution provider so that your project does not get lost in translation between numerous providers. Our team can discuss your needs and budget and provide the perfect solution to suit your business. 

Going digital with your advertising doesn’t have to break the bank. Digital signage can be much more eye-catching than traditional posters and can help your business see an upswing in sales.  

If you would like to discuss your digital signage project or the benefits of digital signage, please contact our team who will be happy to speak to you about your needs and provide a no-obligation quote. 

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Digital signage has grown so much over recent years that you can no longer walk along the high street without seeing digital displays in shop windows or in stores. The use of digital signage in offices has also grown, with businesses using this technology to inform visitors and staff alike. It seems like a lot of businesses are opting for digital signage over traditional signage but is it worth it? Why invest in digital?

We look at four reasons why digital signage can be best for your business.

Ease of Use

With traditional print signage, you must allow time for a Graphic Designer and a printing company to create the posters. However, digital signage gives you the control to design your own content. There are many easy-to-use software tools with templates for you to use to design your own signage. Once you have created the design, you can easily edit and update it to suit your latest deals and information.

Instantly Update Content

One of the main advantages of going digital is that you can respond quickly to feedback, stock levels, footfall and your competition. Whether you are a shop, restaurant or hotel, you can instantly update your digital signage one from central location to respond to changes in your business. For example, you could use the signage to display an end-of-line sale to quickly sell a certain product or if your bar runs out of gin, you could take this off the menu to avoid disappointment. You could even put your changes on a schedule so that you can respond to changes in your customer base. Digital signage gives you great flexibility to keep one step ahead of the competition whilst improving the customer journey.

Increased Engagement

The major issue with traditional signage is that it just shows one static image so it will lose impact quickly. This is not the case with digital signage. A digital display can be used to show video, social media updates and bright dynamic images. Digital signage can also be interactive so that the customer can control what they see or browse and this can improve the customer journey and increase engagement. You invest in signage to get a return through sales and digital signage is more eye-catching then traditional and so can improve engagement.

Brand Awareness

Digital signage displays can increase brand awareness through increased engagement. The more often customers see your advertisements in your shop window, the more they will recognise your brand. Also, in a corporate business environment digital signage displays can be used to show information to staff and, therefore, helping to meet internal communication goals.

For more information about our affordable digital signage hardware and content solutions, please contact us.


No matter what industry you are in, technology is revolutionising the way businesses conduct their daily activities. 

We have outlined 5 ways technology can improve your business. 


Increase productivity 

The use of technology in your business can speed up processes and, therefore, improve productivity.    

Whether you want to analyse how your staff are spending their time or introduce systems to ensure efficiency, various technologies can offer solutions.  

Task management tools, such as Trello or Taskque can help you stay on top of your daily tasks and duties. 

Also, with the use of automation tools, you can centrally control certain aspects of your business. For example, you can replace your traditional paper posters with digital signage, which can be controlled centrally. Therefore, your staff do not have to spend time changing posters but can concentrate on increasing productivity in other areas of the business. 


Improve Communication 

We know how difficult it can be to keep staff members engaged in meetings. However, the use of interactive touchscreens in the boardroom can make meetings much more than just showing statistics on a board. Enabling staff to stand up and contribute to the meeting content on the board, through interesting software and apps, can greatly increase the chance of staff retaining the information from the meeting.  

Also, the use of digital screens in offices can be used to display sales figures and targets, event information or urgent safety announcements. You could even incentivise sales staff with ‘flash targets’ that can be displayed on the screens in the office for a short amount of time. For example, you could offer sales staff a voucher if they get so many sales within the time limit. This can help boost your sales. 

These tools for communication can help to improve teamwork across the entire business. 


Improve Flexibility 

Do you want more control and flexibility with your marketing? Digital screens are a perfect solution to decrease overhead costs, whilst gaining more control.  

The ability to change and update marketing material at the click of a button is very helpful in your business.  

For example, if you owned a chain of cafés all serving the same menu at various locations and you had a breakfast and lunch menu, you could control the digital menu boards to display the correct menus on a schedule. So, your screens could be programmed to turn on at 7am when the cafes opened and then to change from the breakfast to lunch menu automatically at 11:30am. This could be different for each site, but all controlled from one central point. You could also display specials for each location and turn this off when they run out to avoid disappointment for the customer. This automation has numerous benefits for your business and customers. It will give you the control and consistency needed for your brand, enable you to target different audiences at different sites to gain more sales and, also improve the customer journey by avoiding disappointment. 


Enhance your Marketing 

You market your business through different channels to improve brand awareness, build relationships and boost sales. Both digital and traditional marketing methods work together to achieve these goals.  

In a fast-changing business world, customers and audiences now expect more from technology to improve the customer experience, whether it’s faster ordering on payment kiosks or augmented reality tech to help choose a sofa. 

It now takes between 5 and 7 touchpoints before your customer will buy from you and technology is a very powerful tool when it comes to influencing the customer. It has been shown that digital signage adds an upswing in overall sales volume by 31.8% 

The adoption of technology can improve the customer journey, increase brand awareness and it can be used to increase sales via targeted marketing. If you want to get more customers into your store, high brightness digital displays can show offers or events to increase footfall. If you want to increase sales at the point-of-sale, 60% of buying decisions are made at this point so you could use targeted adverts on payment kiosks. If you need to increase brand awareness, roadside LED panels might be a good option in a high-traffic area. There is a technological solution to suit every need. 


Increase Profitability 

A great way to grow your business is by increasing your profitability. To do this, you could cut your overheads using technology.  

Whether it’s using a piece of software to give you control or improve communication or hardware to decrease waste in your business, technology can provide the perfect solution.  

For example, if you owned an advertising company, you could install a large LED screen instead of a billboard. This would mean that you would cut down the costs of replacing the posters every so many weeks. You could also use the technology to gain more revenue by building more partnerships for the same amount of space. You could have one billboard-sized screen but could change the adverts every 3 minutes. This means, for the same space, you could have multiple customers paying to display their adverts with minimal costs to your business. 

Most technologies could be used in this same way, reducing waste of materials and time and making the most out of the space you have. 



In conclusion, technology is such a powerful tool to help your business in so many ways. Whether you need to increase brand awareness or improve the customer journey whilst keeping costs down, there is a perfect solution for any problem. 

 Alpha Digital Networks are a Darwen based audio-visual solution manufacturer and supplier. So, we can provide the perfect solution for you and your business whilst keeping the costs down and guaranteeing the quality. If you are looking to integrate technology into your company to increase profits, please call our team today to discuss your needs. 0

Staff at Darwen based Alpha Digital Networks are hosting a Macmillan Coffee Morning on Friday 27th September 2019 between 10am and 1pm at their office at Arkwright Court.

Pop in to their office tomorrow morning for coffee, cake and great company whilst raising money for an amazing charity. Alpha will also be running a raffle with fantastic prizes.

Address: Alpha Digital, Unit 6 Arkwright Court, Commercial Road, Darwen, BB3 0FG

Time: 10am-1pm

Date: Friday 27th September 20191

Darwen based Alpha Digital Networks has donated an HD video wall to Pendleside Hospice to help them increase footfall in their shops.


Based at Arkwright Court, Alpha Digital has been delivering innovative audio-visual solutions to the education and corporate sectors for over ten years. Alpha Digital manufactures, installs and maintains audio-visual and digital signage solutions, including hardware and content.


Alpha has been refurbishing their showroom at their Darwen office to show off their newest products. To make room to accommodate this new equipment, Alpha ran a competition for local charities to win an ex-display HD video wall from their showroom.


Joe Makepeace, Managing Director of Alpha Digital Networks, said “We believe it is very important to help local charities and we have done a lot of work in the community since we moved from Chorley to Darwen 18 months ago. We wanted to give our ex-display video wall to a local charity, to help them with their work.”


Entrants were asked to tell Alpha how they felt the video wall would benefit their charity for the chance to win the screen. Alpha then had the difficult task of whittling down the entries and finally settled on Pendleside Hospice as the worthy winner.


Christina Cope, Head of Corporate Fundraising at Pendleside Hospice, said “Alpha Digital will help us put the Fun into Fundraising and get our message of Support, Compassion and Care out to our local community.”


Pendleside Hospice is a fantastic local charity which exists to promote and enhance quality of life for people with life-limiting illnesses, their families and carers; by delivering specialist and holistic palliative care, which addresses their individually assessed physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs.


Joe Makepeace said “We are very proud to have donated this HD video wall to Pendleside Hospice. We hope that the equipment will help the charity.”


Alpha is determined to continue their work with the local community so that everyone has access to their technology.