Real estate digital signage can easily bring a personal touch to both your content and your businesses. 

Customers, and people in general, love interactivity. They particularly enjoy interaction with businesses whose content is customer-centric. Getting your message across effectively might seems like a difficult task but we have 5 solutions for you. 

1. Introduce your agents with digital signage software 

Unfortunately, a number of estate agents have become faceless entities and do not seem to have a personality to tenants and potential buyers. 

Digital signage for estate agencies allows you to introduce your agents with as much personality as you would like. This can add so much to the customer experience as it could allow customers to choose who they want to work with.  

Through utilising this opportunity, digital signage helps your business to create trust between your business, agents and customers. Consumers want value at the moment and this personalisation is an engaging way to add value to your service. 

2. Show different interior designs 

Obviously, not every customer like the same house interior and, sometimes, it can be difficult to appreciate a property. To resolve this issue, digital signage could be used to show different interior design or renovation ideas to suit the tastes of the potential buyer. This could increase sales because it would create more ease in the customers’ minds.  

3. Allow clients to use personalisation features 

Our most popular digital signage solutions for estate agents deliver dynamic listings so that customers can interact and tailor their experience. Therefore, you could use this in your business. 

Wishlists are a perfect way to improve customer experience. You could use interactive screens, either indoor or touch-through glass, to display your website or viewing platform and allow customers to add properties to their wishlist. 

You can use the digital signage to do this by: 

Allowing them to send it to their email by typing it on a form on the screen. 
Use QR codes to open the listing on a phone. 

4. Show testimonials to gain trust 

Digital signage software can deliver content in various ways to engage your target audience. Testimonials, feedback and reviews are a great way to gain trust from potential customers.  

For example, you could install digital signage in the reception hall of your building and show: 

Welcome messages. 
Renovation announcements. 
Personalised messages. 

5. Welcome new clients and tenants 

Digital signage can enable you to introduce yourself or send welcome messages to new tenants.   

This is a fantastic way to start off your relationship with them. You can also reach out to new homeowners with dynamic content feeds. Utilise this tool to deliver important news, introduce staff, up-to-date contact information and tips. 


Digital signage software can make a big impact on real estate, but the industry is just starting to take advantage of this technology.  

However, digital signage is a tool and to get results, you need to use it properly and to it’s full potential. We think we have covered some of the ways that you can utilise signage in your business.   

We offer both the hardware and signage content with full training in our digital signage packages. If you would like to speak to us about our packages, please call us on 03300020120 or email 


“We are now in a new age of how clubs initiate commercial partnerships. The implementation of the LED perimeter system has allowed us to create an uplift across the club through the partnerships generated.”

Danny Davis- Business Development Manager at Blackburn Rovers FC


After being promoted to The Championship in 2018, Blackburn Rovers FC wanted to move forward and embrace technology at their club to enhance the fan experience and gain revenue through advertising. Our aim is to help companies integrate our AV solutions into their business to increase brand awareness, revenue and customer engagement.

Our Solution

We met with the Business Development Manager to discuss the perfect solution to allow the club to integrate technology and gain a good ROI through advertising.  Alpha Digital Networks PLC proposed the manufacture and installation of our high-quality, pitch-side LED panels. The P8 panels were the perfect solution to provide a hi-resolution image so that advertisements could be displayed clearly both on site and on camera for broadcast. Our in-house team manufactured, installed and tested the panels and content ready for the new football season. AlphaLED offers the perfect end-to-end solution for sports venues. As we manufacture, install and maintain the LED panels in-house, we eliminate the risk of miscommunication, ensuring the process runs smoothly from start to finish.


Blackburn Rovers FC now have some of the highest quality pitch-side LED in the EFL. Since the LED was installed, the club has gained new partners and there has been a significant uplift throughout the club. They now have a number of partners who regularly advertise on the boards. The pitch-side LED has provided a flexible, eye-catching platform for the club to enhance their profile on the world stage.

“Having worked with Alpha Digital Networks, we have experienced, first-hand, both the high-quality solutions and service they provide. They have gone beyond expectations with their LED solution, which has enabled us to enhance our services whilst generating positive financial return.
The team at Alpha has made the entire process run smoothly from start to finish and continue to provide first rate customer service.”

Danny Davis- Business Development Manager at Blackburn Rovers FC

We aim to provide the perfect end-to-end solution for our customers so that they can have peace of mind that the process will run smoothly and the product quality will be as promised. We offer LED solutions tailored to your needs. We also have a wide range of AV products for every environment from digital signage to interactive touchscreens. Therefore, if you would like to speak to our team about our digital signage products, please email us via or phone our team on 03300 020120. Alternatively, our product information can be found on our products page.


Digital signage in becoming more and more popular, which is understandable when you look at the performance statistics. In retail, sales of four out of five products experienced almost a 33% increase when promoted on in-store digital signage. In addition, digital signage can help to achieve other business goals. For example, digital signage can improve customer experience at checkout lines through reduced “perceived wait time” by up to 40%

We understand that there are often a couple of challenges when discussing digital signage with stakeholders. Firstly, we have found that people do not understand the entire cost of digital signage solutions. Secondly, we have found that they often fail to recognise the benefits.  

Alpha Digital Networks PLC aims to help people to understand the full details of our digital signage solutions so that you can build a comprehensive case based on your needs. This article will explain the total cost of ownership (TCO) so that you can calculate the ROI of digital signage. 

Some digital signage manufacturers have online TCO calculators. However, TCO calculators can be very effective but they are not comprehensive. We understand that every digital signage project is different so there is no ‘one size fits all’ calculator that can help. Signage solutions can vary in size and complexity. Therefore, to create an accurate representation of the costs, you must look at the project as a solution, not simply a piece of hardware.  

We have found a framework to help calculate these costs. With this list, we will look at what you need to think about as part of the costs and we will go through how to work out the real ROI of digital signage. 

digital menu boards
Digital Menu Boards installed at Cheltenham Racecourse

Key Cost Components of Digital Signage 

Firstly, we will look at the costs involved in owning digital signage. This will include all the upfront costs and on-going running costs. Therefore, this will make up your TCO calculations.  

The initial cost of display system is the thing that most businesses are careful with when assessing the value. These costs can include the screens, mounts, cables, installation, media player and content development. However, this upfront cost is only the beginning. Most businesses do not think about the costs of repairs and upkeep. 

One very easy thing to overlook when investing in the hardware is, if you are planning to run your screen for 12 hours a day, you will need a commercial grade screen. A normal TV screen will work for a short while but then break so it will need replacing. This is false economy as it is not just the screen cost, it will then cost you extra in labour and repair costs. Furthermore, a broken screen also means that your customers are not seeing your important information. Therefore, this could lead to a loss of revenue. So, it is worth investing in a commercial grade screen to avoid these issues. 

Benefits of Digital Signage 

After now having looked at the costs involved, it’s important to factor in the possible savings and advantages. However, if used properly, the benefits of digital signage can outweigh the costs. 

Increased Impact 

Digital signage allows you to showcase your products in an engaging, eye-catching way. You can use colourful, dynamic images and videos to capture audiences. Adding the ability to use touch on our digital signage allows you to get great engagement levels from your audience too. 

Statistics show that digital signage can create higher reach and engagement from audiences. It also can be highly effective in motivating customers to take action when compared to traditional static or paper media: 

In this study, static ads have been compared with digital ads. Both mediums asked the exact same number of customers to go to the desk to get a free gift, far more people who saw the digital ad actually did this. Only six people who saw the static ad collected their gift. However, 610 of the people who saw the digital ad collected their gift.  


Digital signage delivers much better value for money than traditional static signage. For example, you can update our digital signage instantly and have numerous messages showing on a loop. This is much better value than paying for one space on a static billboard which does not change.  

Also, commercial grade screens can be much better value than TV screens. Digital signage displays bring a better visual performance, are able to operate for long hours and can have greater brightness for outdoor use. Commercial screens will also last longer so save money on repairs. 


The flexibility of digital signage is fantastic and worth a lot to businesses. Businesses often spend a lot on printed materials, such as, leaflets, menus and posters. All of these have lots of costs involved. They need designing or writing, printing and distributing. Digital signage is much more flexible. You can update digital content instantly and remotely to eliminate the distribution and printing costs.  


Digital signage can save lots of personnel time and, therefore, costs. For example, you can automate some repeated tasks and save human error. Digital signage can be used to save on personnel costs at events where totems can be used direct and inform visitors. You can also use digital kiosks to take customer orders. Digital signage can provide information in a highly engaging and personalised ways.  

Video Wall installed at Ikon Furniture

Measuring Success 

Businesses need to be able to measure the success of their digital signage investment. There are two ways to measure the success of digital signage: 

Return on Investment (ROI) — looking at how profitable the investment is. 

Return on Objective (ROO) – setting a goal and then measuring success against that goal.  

As we are calculating the TCO, we will focus on the ROI and see how it can be calculated. It might sound complicated, but if you have all your costs, it is simple. Calculating ROI is based on the money you’re making from the investment, the true cost of the investment, as well as the amount of money you’re saving from your investment. To put it simply, less cost and more sales amount to more profit. 

Calculating ROI 

The way to calculate the ROI of your digital signage is to compare sales data from before you had the digital signage solution to your current sales. Alternatively, if your business has multiple locations, you can set up digital signage in half of the locations and using traditional signage in the other half. Ideally, you could compare two locations with similar annual profit and footfall.  

If you have a small business with just one location, try to compare one month with and one without your digital signage. Just try to pick two similar months to make the result fair. 

Then, track the sales data in both scenarios, ideally year on year to avoid seasonality and events affecting the outcome. 

When tracking sales, think about: 

Total revenue 

Gross profit 

Net profit  

Once these numbers are correct, think about what you needed before the digital signage solution, such as staff, TVs, and printed literature.  

Bringing it all Together 

Now, you should understand: 

The true total cost of digital signage 

The benefits of digital signage 

Based on your sales analysis before and after digital signage, a monetary figure of how many sales digital signage has brought in 

Based on pre-digital signage cost analysis, a monetary figure of how much you spent on staff and printing 

Then, here is the equation: 

TCO of a display x Number of displays required = TCO of the digital signage solution 

Sales increase + Signage cost savings – TCO of the digital signage solution = ROI on digital signage 

Now we have explained how to calculate the TCO and ROI involved in digital signage solutions, you can look at these figures to decide on if you feel digital signage is for your business.  

Alpha Digital Networks manufactures, supplies, installs and maintains high-quality digital signage and content solutions. From ultra-bright screens to freestanding digital displays or LED panels, we are happy to see if we could help you with your digital signage project. You can see our product range here. Speak to our team at 03300 020120 or for more information or a free, no-obligation demonstration.  


Tips for Teachers and Business Staff


Are you thinking of investing in interactive touch screen technology but are not sure if it is worth the money? An interactive touch screen can improve collaboration, engagement levels and learning outcomes. Therefore, it is definitely worth the investment as long as you use it to it’s full potential.

There is no point spending a few thousand pounds on a screen that you will simply use as a monitor. Interactive touch screens are all about getting people involved in the subject at hand, not just acting as a spectator.

Our Training and Development Manager, Sam Thistleton, worked as a Teacher in a school before joining Alpha Digital Networks. He knows the importance of making sure staff and pupils receive the full benefit of interactive touch screen technology. He is also passionate about ensuring Alpha’s customers have full knowledge of our interactive touch screens and AlphaTeach software so that everyone can benefit from the amazing equipment.


Lack of Knowledge

We have found that the lack of knowledge in schools and businesses about what these screens and software packages is a significant barrier. People often purchase interactive touch screens and simply use it as a whiteboard. However, these screens have so much more to offer. As a result, people are not seeing the value in their investment.

We believe that training staff to use the interactive touchscreens is an important part of the implementation of technology. This enables staff to make the most of the screens, feel confident when using the screens and to become more creative with presentations, meetings and lesson plans.


Top Tips for Getting the Most Out of your Interactive Touch Screens

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Alpha (and most other companies) offer help with any aspect of your new screen. There is no such thing as a stupid question!
  2. Book an initial training session for when the screens are installed. This may seem like an unnecessary expense but the value is unparalleled. Your staff will then know the basic functions of the screens so that no one gets left behind.
  3. If you already have screens installed but have had a change of staff or staff are just generally unsure, contact your supplier. They can often offer refresher sessions to help.
  4. Help each other. If you have one member of staff who has become a whizz at using the screens, ask them if they could show you around the screen or software, you might pick up some fantastic tips.
  5. Make the most of online resources. Often, suppliers have online resources from helpful videos to user guides or blogs to help you if you get stuck.
  6. Learn together and have a go- Teachers can get pupils involved in the learning process, putting their technical skills to the test. They might surprise you.
  7. Schedule a few training and refresher sessions so that you will always have peace of mind that your staff are using the technology to it’s full potential.

Alpha Digital Networks offers training sessions for AlphaInteractive touch screens and AlphaTeach software.

You can see our 4K AlphaInteractive touch screens here. AlphaTeach software is a learning software package, which allows the user to import Smart Notebook files with full functionality and then some. This means that the transition from old Smart screens is seamless. You can annotate over documents, pull resources from the internet or even create games to get classrooms buzzing.

We hope you have found this article useful.

If you would like a demonstration of the screens or a training session so you can make the most out of your screens, please call us on 03300020120 or email us at

Benefits of Digital Menu Boards


The benefits of digital menu boards for restaurants are explained in this article to help you decide if you could use the technology to your advantage. It is very easy to get stuck in a never-ending cycle of spending lots of time and money on updating menus or digital posters. It is even easier to let time go by without updating your menu for years.

Are you struggling to promote your offers or retain customers? Continue reading to find out how digital menu boards can work for your business to bring your restaurant into 2019.


1) Digital Menus Can Make Your Customers’ Mouths Water

A digital menu board can replace traditional signs and posters. The bright, moving images are much more eye-catching than static images. In fact, 63% of people report that digital signage catches their attention. You can read our blog about statistics that are driving the growth of digital signage here. Once you have grabbed your customer’s attention, you can showcase more of your products and offers on the same amount of space as your traditional poster menu. A digital menu can also show a more realistic image of what your food looks like, giving you the opportunity to make mouths water with your tasty treats.

You can create engaging visuals to suit your audience, meaning you can clearly get your message across. For example, instead of using lots of text on a chalkboard, you can create bright, eye-catching designs. You can even take advantage of video to educate and entertain potential or current customers.

2) Save Money with Digital Signage Screens

Restaurants with digital menus can make significant savings compared to ones without. If your business invests in digital signage, you could save money on printing. You will no longer have to send updated menus or offers to the printers ever few weeks. The flexibility of digital signage means that one person can control everything. This means you could also save on staff time without them having to spend the time to change the boards and contact the printer.

With digital menus, you cut out the printer and the creation of the content is also made simpler. You can create several templates that you can update instantly with ease. The digital signage software is easy to learn and manage, meaning that you can have full control of your menus and signage. You could even display other content on the screens so that you don’t have to design anything, such as your social media feeds. This could save staff members’ time as they wouldn’t have to sit and create the new content on numerous platforms.


3) Save Time with Digital Signage Screens

We recently manufactured and installed digital menu boards at a venue with numerous bars and cafes on one site. They wanted the flexibility to update their menu boards in real-time so that if they ran out of a certain product, they could send customers to another bar that had that product in stock. This flexibility is key to modern businesses and restaurants. This could work especially well for menu changes at different times of the day. For example, before digital menu boards, the menus would have to be changed at the end of breakfast to the lunch menu. This could cause confusion amongst customers if you were a few minutes late.

The flexibility that digital signage software offers, you can schedule changes to the menu content at certain times of the day, on specific days for specials or anytime for up-to-date stock to avoid upset customers. You could even use the software to update the boards at various restaurants, no matter how many you have.


4) Keep Your Restaurant Open 24/7

Just because your restaurant closes at a certain time, it doesn’t mean that your advertising should close down too. Digital menu signage can make sure that your story and message is still told even when the restaurant is shut. You can use the advertising space to show offers, your business story and news, and your menu 24/7. This should increase your ROI, especially if your premises is in a high-traffic area. The flexibility of digital signage also means that you can set different content to come on at certain times. Therefore, you can tailor your messages or offers to the audience who might be walking by at the time.

Use a digital screen to display videos of your restaurant, show images of your dishes or show your recent reviews to show how much your current customers love you and your food.


5) Digital Menus Create Customer Experience

Last but not least. Digital menus can entertain and inform your customers. An eye-catching digital menu display outside your restaurant is more likely to be noticed by a passer-by than a traditional static menu. The flexibility that digital signage gives you enables you to use video and visuals to engage potential customers and draw them in. You can use it to show reviews to make potential customers to trust you, enticing images for them to like you and offers to show them the value of your product. You could also show the required information, such as calorie content, in an interesting way instead of in messy small print.

We live in a very visual world. Therefore, use your visuals to entice customers and make their mouths water with the idea of your tasty treats. Also, win new customers there and then by showing them your amazing offers that you have on a certain day of the week.


The possibilities are endless with digital signage menu boards. You can use them to get a great ROI and, also, stand out from the crowd in this busy market. 84% of UK retailers believe digital signage creates significant brand awareness and you can use this to your advantage.

Whether you want to increase brand awareness, save the money wasted on printing or to have more control over your message, then Alpha Digital Networks PLC can help. We manufacture, supply, install and maintain a range of high-quality interactive digital signage hardware and content. If you are looking for an ultra-bright screen, freestanding digital signage totem or even a video wall, we can help. You can view our products on our website: or contact us on 03300 020120 or email on for more details and prices on our products.



AlphaTeach annotation and teaching resource software encourages collaboration and engagement in the classroom. AlphaTeach allows Teachers to import Smart Notebook files with full functionality and then some! This makes transition from old resources and technology to the new AlphaTeach software seamless.

Also, using AlphaTeach, Teachers can create engaging lessons through imaginative content from various resources, all pulled together into one interactive space. Annotate over videos, create interactive games and create graphs with the many tools to present a topic in an interesting way.

Watch our video for a brief overview of what AlphaTeach can do.


AlphaTeach Quick Start Guide


How to Import Smart Notebook Files

AlphaTeach allows you to import old Smart Notebook files with full functionality. Simply go to ‘File’ – ‘Open’. Next, find the Smart Notebook file on the PC and select to open.




These icons allow you to create a slideshow.

Use the below icon to create a new page.

AlphaTeach New Page

Furthermore, use the below icon to go to the previous and next pages.

AlphaTeach Next Page

To access the ‘Slide Menu’, simply click on the white arrow in the below image. This will allow you to duplicate, move and delete slides.

AlphaTeach Menu


For a full explanation of all the tools on the software, please see our Alpha Teach walkthrough 2018.


Changing Pens

The software has a range of pens with various colours and thickness options. However, these are easy to select and use.

To change the pen, simply select one of the preset pens as shown below.

You can change the colour by selecting the icon below.

To change the thickness, just click the icon below.


Why Use AlphaTeach?

There is so much more that AlphaTeach software can do. You can annotate over web resources, bring in videos and images from the internet, and even in multi-user mode so that multiple people can work collaboratively or in competition. You can view our Alpha Teach walkthrough 2018 guide to see how to use more tools.

AlphaTeach is the perfect software to run on our 4K AlphaInteractive touch screens. Also, the software is an annual licence to give you the flexibility you need.

If you would like to speak to our team about the benefits of the software then please phone us on 03300 020120 or email us at

We do offer training packages to suit your needs and budget so that you and your staff can keep up to date with how to get the most out of the software to improve outcomes for pupils. For information about our training courses, please phone us on 03300 020120 or email us at

Digital signage for events is increasingly taking over from traditional static posters and noticeboards. Digital screens enable businesses to showcase their products and information in a dynamic way that stands out from the crowd. The flexibility of digital signage is one of the key benefits for events. Here is how to use digital signage to boost an event.


Social Media Live Feed

Digital signage allows organisers to stream live social media feeds at events. Live feeds can be used to increase event awareness online and keep attendees up to date with areas of the event they would otherwise miss. Organisers can also motivate exhibitors and delegates to tweet via the event hashtag. Exhibitors can use this to tell delegates about their stand and encourage delegates to engage, which will allow them to feel personally involved. There are also various companies, such as Big Screen Social, who run social media streaming services so that exhibitors don’t have to worry about the running of the stream.



Traditional paper posters will let delegates find their way around. However, they do not enable people to view more information about certain sessions. Digital signage allows delegates to view information about sessions, interactive maps and live updates of the schedule. Delegates could even scan QR codes on the screen to access information or download an event app.



Digital signage screens are a great way to create high-impact branding and advertising. Visibility is key for businesses at events in order for them to get the best return on their investment. High-impacting advertising is a dynamic way to do this and attract attention. Digital signage can vary from small screens to large 4K LED video walls. All of these are great ways to stand out from the crowd and get brands known. Therefore, organisers can offer space on the digital signage at the event as part of the exhibitor package or even as an extra service.


Live Streaming

Videos always gain lots of engagement and interest. Digital signage for events allows organisers to live stream videos, such as exhibitor interviews, onto a large screen. This gives delegates access to interesting news, offers, and information about the exhibitors. Exhibitors will also be keen to be on the screen to use it as promotion for their stand.


Increase Time Spent at Your Stand

Digital signage for events is a dynamic way to not only attract delegates to your stand but also increase engagement. Exhibitors could run a competition with a game on the digital signage screen or show their live Twitter feed and encourage delegates to Tweet them.



Digital signage is very flexible. Have you ever had a new roller banner printed, only to find a spelling mistake when you take it to an event? Or spent money on a poster to find that the offer is no longer valid? Digital signage enables quick and instant changes at minimal cost. Flexibility is also an advantage so exhibitors can change their selling tactics half way through the event if one offer isn’t working. Digital signage for events allows you to change everything when you would like.


Digital Signage for Events at Alpha Digital Networks

Alpha Digital Networks has a wide range of audio-visual solutions all under one roof that are perfect for events. Alpha can help with your digital signage for your events from digital posters as wayfinders to 4K video walls for live streaming. We work with our customers to find out which products could benefit their event presence and why. We pride ourselves on being partners, not providers. Therefore, if you would like to speak to our team about our digital signage products, please email us via or phone our team on 03300 020120. Alternatively, our product information can be found on our products page.1

Since the dawn of retail, businesses have been trying to find the most colourful and eye-catching ways to grab potential customers’ attention. From large jars filled with colourful liquids in Chemist windows to VHS tapes playing videos in the 1980’s, displays have become a part of our day-to-day lives. But how can your business stand out from the crowd? Digital signage could be the answer to the problem.

What is Digital Signage?

Digital signage is, basically, a digitised version of the traditional advertising poster. You will have seen it being used as food menus in fast food restaurants to train station advertising and information boards. Digital signage is becoming more and more popular.

“Over 40% of shoppers say that digital displays can change what they buy because relevant information is served close to the point of purchase.”

Why Use Digital Signage?

It helps to improve collaboration, can boost sales, help with organisation, and display products in a more engaging and interactive way.  Digital boards are capable of communicating much more information than traditional boards. Managers can instantaneously organise meetings by updating the digital boards around the business to communicate to staff. It is a creative way of displaying notices, rather than the traditional pin board.

There are many examples of how digitising your signage can increase sales and improve efficiency. Here are a few:

  1. Use it in a reception or foyer to tell clients and staff about your latest company news. Keeping staff updated can help them in their day-to-day job and helping the company grow.
  2. This signage allows you to advertise promotions or offers nationally or globally. All your signage can be controlled by one person and can be scheduled to change instantly. Therefore, this can save a lot of money and time.
  3. Schedule internal meetings quickly with notices going out to every screen in the building.
  4. Use your screens at conferences and exhibitions to stand out from the crowd. Rather than paper banners, digital signage can be updated instantly if there are mistakes or typos. This can save a lot of money and time too!
  5. Showcase your products and business to prospective clients in a creative and engaging way in meetings.
  6. Install screens in hotel lobbies, theme parks and stadiums to direct foot traffic and tailor customers’ experiences, encourage ticket sales or promote offers and events.
  7. Use the signage as a digital menu. This can condense large menus to an easy-to-read format. Also, as they can be updated instantly, this means less time and money spent on distributing new menus. Furthermore, it gives you more opportunities to promote extras on the menu or on separate screens by the tills.

Digital Signage in your Business

Digital signage used to be very expensive, meaning large companies could only access it. However, the cost of the technology has reduced so much that SMEs can now use it and get a good ROI.

Alpha Digital Networks works in partnership with businesses to create the perfect signage to suit their requirements. Alpha has a wide range of screens, totems, LED panels and interactive screens. Digital signage has been used in various industry sectors from healthcare to entertainment. It is the future of business. AlphaSignage is good quality, sensibly priced and tailored to the needs of the customer. Alpha Digital provides a package that includes cloud-based connectivity, remote and on-site support, and signage design. Leasing options are also available to help with costs.

Therefore, if you are looking to stand out from the crowd and boost sales, speak to our team about our signage options. Phone us on 03300 020120 or email

Should you use Digital Signage on your Exhibition Stand?

Exhibitions can be very costly and time consuming so you want to make sure that you get a return on your investment. We completely understand that you want to stand out from the crowd to achieve this. Digital signage is a great way to grab people’s attention. Amongst all the static roller posters, animated digital signage can really be an eye-catcher.

We have compiled a list of pros and cons of using digital signage at your stand so you can weigh up whether to utilise this technology.


  1. Digital Signage enhances visitor experience. Visitors can view important information at the correct time because the content can easily be updated.
  2. Digital Signage can be instantly updated. Therefore, if you suddenly spot a spelling mistake or any information that needs changing, you can edit it there and then.
  3. Digital Signage looks very professional and stands out from the crowd. Using this technology can create a good impression.
  4. Using digital signage can reduce stress due to deadlines. As the signage can be updated quickly, this means that you can be a little more flexible with your deadlines than with traditional print content.
  5. You can use your signage to generate revenue through sponsorship so it could pay for itself.


  1. As Digital Signage can sometimes be large, it can be difficult to install on site. However, Alpha Digital Networks have a fully training set of Engineers who can deliver and install your AV products.
  2. Sometimes, Digital Signage can be let down by the event space. As Signage can be set up on the Wifi, it could struggle if this is down or unreliable. This is also the same with the cabling at the event space.
  3. Digital Signage can seem expensive. However, it is a one-off cost, unlike traditional print. This could save you money as you wouldn’t have to keep spending on printing. Alpha Digital Networks provides cost effective signage solutions.

Although there are some downsides to using digital signage at your exhibition stand, Alpha Digital Networks believes that the pros outweigh these. We work with you to provide a solution that works for your and your business. Using digital signage is a great way to boost visitor experience and potential revenue for your business.

Contact us at or 01257 429430 if you are interested in digital signage, freestanding totems, video walls or interactive furniture.2

Video walls are an incredible resource for engaging your target audience and conveying important messages. Digital signage video walls are extremely eye-catching and are best set in high-traffic areas, for example, train stations. However, setting up a video wall could become a huge challenge if certain factors are not taken into account.


What to Consider When Choosing a Video Wall


1. Decide what the video wall will be used for. It is very important to have a goal in mind. With this goal in mind,  think about if it is feasible and cost-effective.

2. Determine how many images you would like to display on the screen. Do you want it to display one large image or individual images simultaneously?

3. Discuss your content before installation. It is important that the content you will be displaying is relevant to your audience and purposes. Also, think about the brightness of the video wall to suit the environment.

4. Make sure the technology is suitable for your purposes. Professional video walls are designed to work in harsh environments and can be used 24/7. Furthermore, an outdoor screen will need to be brighter.

5. Choose the correct mount or trolley to hold your signage. Also, measure to ensure there is enough space to install the video wall.

6. Determine the correct electrical requirements for the screen to ensure the smooth running of the video wall.


Considering a Video Wall?

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