Blackburn Rovers FC

“We are now in a new age of how clubs initiate commercial partnerships. The implementation of the LED perimeter system has allowed us to create an uplift across the club through the partnerships generated.”

Danny Davis- Business Development Manager at Blackburn Rovers FC


After being promoted to The Championship in 2018, Blackburn Rovers FC wanted to move forward and embrace technology at their club to enhance the fan experience and gain revenue through advertising. Our aim is to help companies integrate our AV solutions into their business to increase brand awareness, revenue and customer engagement.

Our Solution

We met with the Business Development Manager to discuss the perfect solution to allow the club to integrate technology and gain a good ROI through advertising.  Alpha Digital Networks PLC proposed the manufacture and installation of our high-quality, pitch-side LED panels. The P8 panels were the perfect solution to provide a hi-resolution image so that advertisements could be displayed clearly both on site and on camera for broadcast. Our in-house team manufactured, installed and tested the panels and content ready for the new football season. AlphaLED offers the perfect end-to-end solution for sports venues. As we manufacture, install and maintain the LED panels in-house, we eliminate the risk of miscommunication, ensuring the process runs smoothly from start to finish.


Blackburn Rovers FC now have some of the highest quality pitch-side LED in the EFL. Since the LED was installed, the club has gained new partners and there has been a significant uplift throughout the club. They now have a number of partners who regularly advertise on the boards. The pitch-side LED has provided a flexible, eye-catching platform for the club to enhance their profile on the world stage.

“Having worked with Alpha Digital Networks, we have experienced, first-hand, both the high-quality solutions and service they provide. They have gone beyond expectations with their LED solution, which has enabled us to enhance our services whilst generating positive financial return.
The team at Alpha has made the entire process run smoothly from start to finish and continue to provide first rate customer service.”

Danny Davis- Business Development Manager at Blackburn Rovers FC

We aim to provide the perfect end-to-end solution for our customers so that they can have peace of mind that the process will run smoothly and the product quality will be as promised. We offer LED solutions tailored to your needs. We also have a wide range of AV products for every environment from digital signage to interactive touchscreens. Therefore, if you would like to speak to our team about our digital signage products, please email us via or phone our team on 03300 020120. Alternatively, our product information can be found on our products page.