Ram Gupta, Managing Director of Nybble, has joined Alpha Digital as our new Technical Director. We are very proud to have Ram on-board.

Why Ram decided to become our Technical Director

After spending 18 years in the I.T. managed services and software development industry as Managing Director of Nybble.co.uk LTD, we were looking for the right partner to grow with.

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We are now offering all of our customers and re-sellers the opportunity to join our weekly 45 minute webinars. These sessions will start at 3.45pm on 1st March 2017. There are five sessions in total including; 2 AlphaTeach Sessions, 2 Wordwall Sessions and 1 Digital Signage Session. Each session will repeat until 19th July 2017.

Each webinar has its own registration page and you can apply to attend each and every one of them – there is no limit to how many you attend – the only limit is a maximum of 50 attendees at each webinar.

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Add a touch of magic to your classroom with our AlphaInteractive touch screens.

AlphaInteractive- A Touch of Magic from ADNPLC on Vimeo.

Why Use AlphaInteractive Touch Screens?

The Alphainteractive hardware and software solutions provide staff and pupils alike with limitless opportunities to create, deliver and collaborate within an Academic, Commercial or Retail environment. Our Interactive screens come in various sizes from 43″ – 98″ using the latest LED commercial grade screen technology.

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