Managing Your Visitors – Are You GDPR Compliant?

Worth £193bn annually to the UK economy, face-to-face business remains king, so how can UK organisations strike the right balance between a smooth check-in for visitors and meeting the forthcoming GDPR requirements? With the average British worker attending over 6000 meetings in their career, many of those hosted on client premises, a delicate balance must be achieved … Read more

Empowering Children With Special Educational Needs

How technology is empowering children with special needs in the classroom

In our modern society, we are becoming more and more aware of the individual needs of each pupil in the classroom. In 2016, 14.4% of pupils in school had special educational needs. That’s 1,228,785 children, each with their own individual learning style and needs. In this age of drastic budget cuts, how can teachers have the time or resources to care for those individual needs? Technological devices and apps are a remarkable resource, often full of free ideas and content.

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How is technology transforming the classroom?

How is digital technology transforming the classroom?

Digital technology has changed almost every industry and the education sector is no exception. The use of technology in the classroom is changing education in remarkable ways and both teachers and students are benefiting from this rapid shift.

There are some changes that we can expect to see as digital learning transforms education. For example, the way teachers present lessons and information and how students interact with that information has changed. Students interact with the lesson and collaborative more than ever before. Digital technology in the classroom also teaches students new skills, such as digital literacy. This can help them when they go on to the work environment later in life.

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Is Using Technology in the Classroom a Good Idea?

Technology is becoming an increasingly important part of today’s world. With technology shaping the way we all work and live, it is important that children gain the skills needed for the world that they will be entering.

Andrew Manches says technology can open up new ways of learning and bolster core skills.

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Why use Virtual Reality in the Classroom?

“32% of educators are using technology to bring experts or experiences into the classroom virtually.”
The State of Technology in Education: 2016


Virtual reality is enabling teachers to take students on fascinating journeys from the comfort of the classroom. VR can help to meet the needs of all pupils, no matter what their learning style is. The world is your oyster with VR!

Make learning exciting

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Webinars- AlphaTeach, Wordwall, Digital Signage


We are now offering all of our customers and re-sellers the opportunity to join our weekly 45 minute webinars. These sessions will start at 3.45pm on 1st March 2017. There are five sessions in total including; 2 AlphaTeach Sessions, 2 Wordwall Sessions and 1 Digital Signage Session. Each session will repeat until 19th July 2017.

Each webinar has its own registration page and you can apply to attend each and every one of them – there is no limit to how many you attend – the only limit is a maximum of 50 attendees at each webinar.

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More AlphaInteractive Touch Screens Installed

Last week, our team installed another two AlphaInteractive touch screens at St Clare’s RC Primary School in Manchester. These extra screens are the latest addition to numerous other Alpha screens in their school. The school described the installation process as “very efficient with the minimum of disruption”. Good job Alpha team!

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