Over recent years, congregations have been engaging with their worship through added visual elements during religious services. Rather than being focussed on orders of service or hymn books, the congregation are now often looking at a projector. However, recently, many churches have decided to improve this experience by installing LED video walls. This technology allows church leaders to create customised videos, images and text and even show live feeds.

UCAS Clearing – A Parent’s View

It has been a few years since our MD, Joe Makepeace, experienced the UCAS clearing system while his son was trying to get his place at University. With A-Level results being published today in one of the strangest results days in recent memory, we thought we would share Joe’s experience of the day. To follow … Read more

Should Your Business Use Digital Signage?

Since the dawn of retail, businesses have been trying to find the most colourful and eye-catching ways to grab potential customers’ attention. From large jars filled with colourful liquids in Chemist windows to VHS tapes playing videos in the 1980’s, displays have become a part of our day-to-day lives. But how can your business stand … Read more

Managing Your Visitors – Are You GDPR Compliant?

Worth £193bn annually to the UK economy, face-to-face business remains king, so how can UK organisations strike the right balance between a smooth check-in for visitors and meeting the forthcoming GDPR requirements? With the average British worker attending over 6000 meetings in their career, many of those hosted on client premises, a delicate balance must be achieved … Read more

Success at the Education Show 2017

We had a great time at the Education Show 2017. Thank you to everyone who came to see us, you truly made our trip a success. In fact, we met some lovely people and we enjoyed showing them our AlphaInteractive touch screens, AlphaEntry system and AlphaTotems. Consequently, we are very much looking forward to next year.

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AlphaTeam Visit BETT to Display AlphaTotem & AlphaEntry

Our AlphaTeam had an amazing time at the BETT Show yesterday. We met some great people and were able to show them our totem and visitor entry system, which were being displayed on the Odyssey Education stand. Our Sales Representatives and General Manager were proud to show off our products.

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AlphaInteractive- A Touch of Magic to your Classroom

Add a touch of magic to your classroom with our AlphaInteractive touch screens.

AlphaInteractive- A Touch of Magic from ADNPLC on Vimeo.

Why Use AlphaInteractive Touch Screens?

The Alphainteractive hardware and software solutions provide staff and pupils alike with limitless opportunities to create, deliver and collaborate within an Academic, Commercial or Retail environment. Our Interactive screens come in various sizes from 43″ – 98″ using the latest LED commercial grade screen technology.

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