Interactive Touch Screens for Schools, Colleges, Universities in Reading

Alpha Digital Networks Plc in Reading can provide Local Educational Institutes, with interactive touch screen solutions in Reading. Interactive Learning can help boost motivation and engagement in classrooms. It gives the chance for teachers or lecturers to make their learning session a whole lot of fun and enjoyable. For more information on our Interactive Touch Screen Solutions for Schools, … Read more

How You Can Afford Digital Signage

Do you want to update your menus or advertising posters for digital signage? Do you think you can’t afford digital signage? Think again! Digital signage is much more affordable than you think. Many of our customers have expressed their concern about the cost of digital signage, whether they are replacing their chalk menus with digital … Read more

AV Roadmap Out of Lockdown 2021

With the PM announcing the roadmap to reopening after lockdown, we have been thinking about how we can help businesses hit the ground running when they can reopen. Before the pandemic, audio-visual technology was often by-passed by companies as it was often seen as an unnecessary luxury. However, the change in circumstances over the last … Read more

Alpha Digital Networks PLC Joins Associated Security Solutions Ltd

Alpha Associated Security Banner

Audio-visual manufacturer, distributor, supplier and integrator, Alpha Digital Networks PLC, joins forces with Associated Security Solutions LTD to provide an extended product portfolio to help their customers.  Darwen based AV solutions provider, Alpha Digital Networks PLC, is very proud to announce that they have joined a partnership with security solutions provider, Associated Security Solutions LTD, incorporating Total Safes and SMP Security Solutions.  The partnership will allow both businesses to offer an … Read more

Help with Distance Learning for Parents

Help with Distance learning for parents

In these unprecedented times of school closures, there has never been a greater need for education technology. With parents being asked to become home teachers during lockdown, we understand it has been difficult for parents to know where to start. There are so many resources, online and offline, which can help with teaching your child … Read more

How to Use Your Retail Window Display to Keep Ahead of the Competition

Digital Signage is a very powerful tool when it comes to brand awareness and could be adopted as part of your marketing strategy. With a potential upswing in sales volume is 31.8%, digital signage displays in a retail window is the perfect addition to businesses. The flexibility that digital signage gives businesses can be used … Read more

How to Avoid Disruption When Replacing Classroom Technology

We often find that School Business Managers and Headteachers worry about the disruption that could be caused when replacing the technology in the classroom. However, there is nothing more frustrating for Teachers than having faulty or outdated technology in the classroom. In fact, having faulty technology can sometimes hinder pupil learning. Technology has really come … Read more

How to Create an Appealing Platform for Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship can be a key part of marketing for many events companies, sports clubs or leisure facilities. Sponsors are becoming increasingly tech-savvy, looking for innovative and exciting ways to capture attention. As well as raising funds, having sponsors can create opportunities for: Building brand awareness Increasing sales numbers Improving brand image Creativity with AV (audio-visual) … Read more