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Dynamic LED displays from Alpha Digital offer the perfect opportunity for your venue, sports club or retail setting to generate more income from advertising.

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Specialists in LED Technology

Through collaboration and expertise, we deliver digital display solutions suited to your brand and budget. We provide LED screens and content to help events, sports, retail and venues connect with their audience and showcase their brand effectively. Our LED screens can be used for advertising, events, retail and concerts.

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LED for Sports

Keep supporters engaged and informed with creative LED signage. LED screens for sports can be used to showcase sponsors, display important news or even increase revenue through advertising space.  Whether you are wanting a scoreboard, pitch-side displays, outdoor advertising space, or playback screens LED displays give you the flexibility you need. Alpha Digital Network’s LED products combine the latest technology with creative content design to deliver flexible, reliable and scalable signage to meet your requirements and budget.


LED for Retail

Alpha LED screens can be used for brand awareness in shopping centres, to raise awareness of special offers or new products or to engage consumers at events. LED screens for retail are a great way to stand out from the crowd.


LED for Exhibitions

Alpha Digital Networks offers high-quality LED for exhibitions. Digital content allows businesses to showcase their products and information in a dynamic way. This is much more flexible than traditional methods.


Roadside LED

Traditional billboards are quickly becoming replaced with roadside LED screens. LED is a great way to show off events in your city or venue. Advertising space can also be sold to increase revenue. Our roadside LED panels are weatherproof and are also visible 24/7 with high brightness technology. Alpha Digital Networks LED works on a modular system which allows flexibility when thinking of space and layout.


LED for Events

Using LED for events is not only a great way to make sure the audience can see the action, but it can be used to display information and sponsors’ details. Modular LED panels mean that screens can be set up in any shape or size to suit your project. Panels can also be used to display live streaming of an event or even pre-recorded videos.

Read about how we helped Blackburn Rovers embrace their new LED Displays.

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