Ram becomes our new Technical Director

Ram Gupta, Managing Director of Nybble, has joined Alpha Digital as our new Technical Director. We are very proud to have Ram on-board.

Why Ram decided to become our Technical Director

After spending 18 years in the I.T. managed services and software development industry as Managing Director of Nybble.co.uk LTD, we were looking for the right partner to grow with.

We saw this in Alpha. The range of products and services made it a very exciting investment for both parties.  The convergence between Nybble’s I.T. offering and Alpha’s AV solutions makes the alliance a unique proposition in the industry.  In fact, our offering means we can give our customers the TOTAL solution from I.T., DR, backup to the full suite of AV products.  In addition, the value added will be seen through better delivery, improved stability, price and the massive possibilities the alliance brings to the customer.

My role as Technical Director will allow us to steer the company towards good practices.  Furthermore, 2017 proves to be an exciting year already for Alpha and all involved. Innovating Technologies such as VR, visitor entry systems, video walls, and digital signage are all part of the product mix, forming a supported mix of products no one else can offer.

Customer engagement and service is the key to our success. This will come to the forefront of our business.

As the role develops, 2017 will see our offering extended from education to commercial businesses. Watch this space and stop us if you can. The future for Alpha is bright. In conclusion, together we will provide a mechanism for growth for the company and all within.

Ram Gupta “The investment in Alpha is not just in the company, it’s in the staff, customers and products. I am excited to see the openings our commercial experience and product portfolio can bring to Alpha.”

Article by Ram Gupta

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