How to use Digital Signage for Events

Digital signage for events is increasingly taking over from traditional static posters and noticeboards. Digital screens enable businesses to showcase their products and information in a dynamic way that stands out from the crowd. The flexibility of digital signage is one of the key benefits for events. Here is how to use digital signage to … Read more

Should Your Business Use Digital Signage?

Since the dawn of retail, businesses have been trying to find the most colourful and eye-catching ways to grab potential customers’ attention. From large jars filled with colourful liquids in Chemist windows to VHS tapes playing videos in the 1980’s, displays have become a part of our day-to-day lives. But how can your business stand … Read more

AlphaTeam Visit BETT to Display AlphaTotem & AlphaEntry

Our AlphaTeam had an amazing time at the BETT Show yesterday. We met some great people and were able to show them our totem and visitor entry system, which were being displayed on the Odyssey Education stand. Our Sales Representatives and General Manager were proud to show off our products.

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