Empowering Children With Special Educational Needs

How technology is empowering children with special needs in the classroom

In our modern society, we are becoming more and more aware of the individual needs of each pupil in the classroom. In 2016, 14.4% of pupils in school had special educational needs. That’s 1,228,785 children, each with their own individual learning style and needs. In this age of drastic budget cuts, how can teachers have the time or resources to care for those individual needs? Technological devices and apps are a remarkable resource, often full of free ideas and content.

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How is technology transforming the classroom?

How is digital technology transforming the classroom?

Digital technology has changed almost every industry and the education sector is no exception. The use of technology in the classroom is changing education in remarkable ways and both teachers and students are benefiting from this rapid shift.

There are some changes that we can expect to see as digital learning transforms education. For example, the way teachers present lessons and information and how students interact with that information has changed. Students interact with the lesson and collaborative more than ever before. Digital technology in the classroom also teaches students new skills, such as digital literacy. This can help them when they go on to the work environment later in life.

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Is Using Technology in the Classroom a Good Idea?

Technology is becoming an increasingly important part of today’s world. With technology shaping the way we all work and live, it is important that children gain the skills needed for the world that they will be entering.

Andrew Manches says technology can open up new ways of learning and bolster core skills.

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Why use Virtual Reality in the Classroom?

“32% of educators are using technology to bring experts or experiences into the classroom virtually.”
The State of Technology in Education: 2016


Virtual reality is enabling teachers to take students on fascinating journeys from the comfort of the classroom. VR can help to meet the needs of all pupils, no matter what their learning style is. The world is your oyster with VR!

Make learning exciting

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Useful Apps for the Classroom

With more and more classrooms going through a digital transformation with the introduction of interactive touch screens and tablet devices, trying to decide which apps to use in the classroom can be quite daunting.
Fear not!
We have done some research into educational apps and put them in this handy list for you to browse at your leisure. We found something for everyone.

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