Clark Walsh

Operations Manager


Clark has only been with us for 2 months but has settled in well as our Operations Manager. His role involves overseeing the Operations department by managing the staff to ensure that high quality service is carried out, making sure all the values we have are adhered to so that customer satisfaction is high, relationship building with new and current clients, system implementation and Stock Management.

Before joining Alpha, Clark worked as an Account Manager, looking after clients’ activity during nationwide and worldwide events such as the Olympics and FIFA World Cup. He was also previously a professional footballer for Blackburn Rovers!

When not in the office, Clark can be found in his natural habitat on the football pitch and he claims to be in the top 3 for the quickest goal scored of all time (2.2 seconds). He says that, although not official, it DID happen in an U15 game versus Stoke City at Keele University.

Clark also enjoys gaming, watching gameshows on TV and listening to House music as he used to be a DJ. He is definitely a man of many talents!



Anna Bottomley 

Operations and Marketing Administrator


Anna is the newest member of the Alpha family, brought in to fill in the gap between the Sales and Operations teams. Her role involves looking after our social media pages and ensuring clients are happy with our service.

With a background in Television Production and Marketing, she loves everything creative. She has worked on television programmes such as The X Factor, The Voice and Citizen Khan. She even looked after Take That whilst working on their new talent show, Let it Shine.

When not working, you will find Anna snuggled under a blanket reading a good book, watching a Disney film or knitting toys for her brother’s pet cat.


Joe Makepeace

General Manager


Joe joined us as General Manager at the beginning of May 2016 and in his short time with the business has overseen some dramatic changes both in terms of direction and personnel.

With a long background in senior management within the manufacturing, engineering, IT and construction sectors, he is an experienced leader and manager of change.

Driven, infectiously enthusiastic and with an ability to talk to anyone on almost any subject (try him), he certainly keeps the team on their toes.

His interests are as varied as Politics, Natural History (particularly bird-watching), Cycling, Fundraising for his local Children’s Hospice and will read just about any book at all with Terry Pratchett being his favourite author. He is also one of the few people we know who has read the Concise Oxford English Dictionary from cover to cover.

@Joe_Makepeace for his own views on the world.