VPZ Case Study


VPZ is a family run company who specialise in electronic cigarettes. Since 2012, VPZ has grown into a nationwide business with stores from Edinburgh to London.  To compliment their growth, they wanted to entice customers into their stores with the use of digital signage . They also wanted to be able to synchronise their in-store promotions and artwork as, historically, this has cost a lot in money and time to print and distribute paper posters to all their stores.

Our Solution

We met with the VPZ team to discuss what digital signage can do, how it can be used effectively to attract more customers, and how it can save money and time. We showed them our ultra high brightness displays, which they wanted to customise to their colour. We manufactured the high brightness screens and stands in their green colour to go in their store windows.  This can be seen from outside the store in any lighting conditions.

We also installed three digital signage screens above the counter where VPZ can update customers with promotions. Our in-house digital signage content team set up the VPZ content and provided training to ensure that they could update the content  instantly.


VPZ now have digital signage screens and bespoke high brightness digital signage displays in all stores. The content on all screens can be updated instantly with signage software, meaning they have saved a considerable amount of time and money by not printing and distributing traditional paper posters. They have seen an uplift in brand awareness and footfall.

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