Wold Outdoor Case Study


Wold Outdoor is a digital out-of-home specialist who has unveiled their first road-side LED advertising screen adjacent to the A63 in Hull called ‘The Phoenix’. This is the first large digital out-of-home advertising screen in Hull. It has been positioned to be seen by people travelling on the main road in and out of Hull. Hull is a thriving digital community and has been named by the Tech Nation Report as a major player in securing the UK’s position as the Digital Capital of Europe. Wold Outdoor designed and built ‘The Phoenix’ to compliment the recent changes in the area. They wanted to work with an LED partner who could provide and install the screens for the double-sided advertising structure. The position and height of ‘The Phoenix’ meant that this would be a challenging installation so would need a team of Engineers who have the knowledge and expertise to complete the job.

Our Solution

Alpha LED manufactured two 6m x 3m LED digital screens for the installation. Our in-house digital signage team discussed the signage management options and Wold Outdoor agreed that a data SIM signage management system would be best suited to their needs. Our team of Installation Engineers then installed the LED panels to the deadline, despite the challenging conditions, and set up the signage ready for Wold Outdoor to start advertising.


Despite the difficult position and height of ‘The Phoenix’, the road-side LED screen is now up and running adjacent to the A63 in Hull. It is passed by over 57,000 vehicles every day and is Hull’s largest digital portrait screen. Wold Outdoor are happy with the quality of the LED screens and the service they have received. The team at Alpha are very proud to have been involved in this project.

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